Translation of enormous in Spanish:


enorme, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈnɔrməs//ɪˈnɔːməs/


  • 1

    (garden/dog/house) enorme
    (house/garden/dog) inmenso
    (strength/courage) enorme
    (strength/courage) descomunal
    he has an enormous appetite tiene un apetito voraz
    • an enormous number of people una cantidad enorme de gente
    • it makes an enormous difference cambia enormemente las cosas
    • He has also managed to borrow an enormous silver car convertible for the weekend.
    • They realise the keys don't fit and leap back as the door is forced by an enormous policeman.
    • It is an enormous pressure he shoulders with good grace and a sense of responsibility.
    • If you look at the gap in points between the second place team and the third, it's enormous.
    • An enormous main course, a bottle of local beer and a cappuccino will only set you back a few pounds.
    • He has made enormous strides in every aspect of his game to become an awesome all-rounder.
    • We did manage to get an enormous amount of work done.
    • This was an enormous amount of hassle and was going to take up four days of their time.
    • Children have been able to get a real feel for the enormous size of some of the creatures that live in the sea.
    • Christmas in the house was fantastic and my father would make an enormous effort.
    • He handed me crisp sheets and led us to a simple whitewashed room with two chairs and an enormous bed.
    • Performing has given him an enormous boost in confidence over the past two years.
    • It is costing an enormous amount of money to clean it up, which could be used on other things.
    • The beach is enormous and there are plenty of caves to explore when the tide's out.
    • The main building was across from him and the enormous main doors were wide open.
    • Any one of these ideas will take an enormous amount of effort and investment to implement.
    • This is thought to have created a huge fireball and an enormous, damaging shock wave.
    • They were all innocent souls and I do not have the words to describe this enormous loss.
    • The burden of expectation placed on the authors of these two reports has been enormous.
    • He has enormous potential and if he continues like this, he will certainly make it.