Translation of enough in Spanish:


bastante, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈnʌf//ɪˈnəf/


  • 1

    (plural) bastantes
    (plural) suficientes
    do we have enough glasses? ¿tenemos vasos suficientes?
    • is there enough coffee left? ¿queda bastante / suficiente café?
    • I don't have enough money to buy it no me alcanza el dinero para comprarlo
    • I didn't get enough sleep no dormí bastante / lo suficiente
    • that's enough noise! ¡basta de ruido!
    • you've made enough food to feed an army has hecho comida como para un batallón
    • there was more than enough food to go round había comida más que suficiente para todos
    • they had more than enough time tuvieron tiempo de sobra
    • there'll be time enough for talking later ya habrá tiempo suficiente para hablar más adelante
    • I have reason enough tengo motivos suficientes


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    do you need any more chairs? — no, I have enough ¿necesitas más sillas? — no, tengo suficientes / bastantes
    • do you need any more paper? — no, I have enough ¿necesitas más papel? — no, tengo suficiente / bastante
    • I'll never go skiing again: one broken leg is enough! no voy a esquiar nunca más, con una pierna rota me basta / me alcanza (y sobra)
    • they don't pay us enough no nos pagan bastante / lo suficiente
    • that's enough for me, thank you (es) suficiente, gracias
    • you've had more than enough to drink ya has bebido más que suficiente
    • this cheese is delicious: I can't eat enough of it este queso es tan rico que no me canso de comerlo
    • enough of this foolishness/idle chatter! ¡basta de tonterías/de charla!
    • I've had enough! ¡ya estoy harto!
    • But then one of the three pulled out, and officials decided that two was enough.
    • One answer might be that bands these days are simply not producing enough music to satisfy demand.
    • This would give it more than enough time to find other sources of money.
    • Test reports indicate that it develops enough power for the job and is flexible.
    • It may still be possible to save it if enough messages from writers and readers are received by the heads of the college.
    • What all of this means is that Ireland has more than enough organs to save the lives of those on waiting lists.
    • Fortunately, he's got more than enough talent to pull off a project like this without much trouble.
    • Be sure to bring enough food and water to sustain oneself and wear suitable rainproof clothing.
    • There's more than enough work to be done implementing existing policies.
    • On neither of those trips was there enough sun to get any decent photographs.
    • I had more than enough loose change in my coin purse to pay for it.
    • There were enough families dotted around to provide a satisfying amount of encouragement.
    • The presence of juice extracting machines at several spots in the city is enough indication.
    • If there is not enough housing to satisfy demand, how could prices go down?
    • Our immediate experience tells us that with enough fuel we could easily make a rocket ship go as fast as we like.
    • Strictly speaking we have more than enough time to practice but I'm not sure if I want to do it.
    • The area is gravelled to cut down on maintenance, we've got enough work to do in the back!
    • It can fit in the corner of a room and produce enough flour to satisfy all a community's needs.
    • They make hundreds of billions of dollars every year, more than enough money to pay for the costs.
    • In certain areas we didn't keep the ball enough, especially in the first half, we gave the ball away too easily.


  • 1

    you don't go out enough no sales lo suficiente
    • make sure it's big/heavy enough asegúrate de que sea lo suficientemente grande/fuerte/pesado
    • what's good enough for my father is good enough for me si está bien para mi padre, está bien para mí
    • that's not good enough eso no me vale
    • it's difficult enough with one, let alone two ya es difícil con uno, cuanto más con dos
    • I was foolish enough to give him my phone number fui tan idiota, que le di el número de teléfono
    • their house is more than big enough for three people su casa basta y sobra para tres personas
    • would you be kind enough to open the window? ¿sería tan amable de abrir la ventana?
    • The annual Fun Day in Bedford Park, curiously enough unreported in the papers, was a great success.
    • A mate of mine who's a jockey once won a race on a horse of the same name, interestingly enough.
    • Interestingly enough, we can confirm that this is the right sort of value.
    • Interestingly enough, the skin changed colour as she moved in and out of the light.
    • Naturally enough, the writer wanted to see the winner's gold medal and replica trophy.
    • Interestingly enough, though, it also works as a good science fiction film.
    • Curiously enough, all the stuff I forgot to write about earlier has to do with Boys.
    • Interestingly enough, many of the other loud boats out there did the same.
    • This is one of his poems that, interestingly enough, came up in Philosophy class a while ago.
    • Some of these people, interestingly enough, wrote from legal firms of one sort or another.
    • These people have, interestingly enough, are riders and big fans of the these horses.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      you know well enough what he wants sabes muy bien lo que quiere
      • the threat was plain enough la amenaza fue muy clara

    • 2.2(quite, very)

      it's natural enough that he should want to see her es muy normal que la quiera ver
      • he seemed willing enough to help parecía muy dispuesto a ayudar
      • I mean, they're nice enough but after a handful or so they become a bit sickly.
      • He was nice enough, though he kept to himself a lot, but there was one thing about him that really annoyed me.
      • I then went back to said dull question 2 and worked my way through that easily enough.
      • They won it easily enough in the end.
      • She seemed nice enough, her husband came too, they both wore jumpers and jeans in to the office.
      • I've always been able to come up with content easily enough, but had a hard time with the introduction.
      • The film is a nice enough.
      • They looked nice enough, certainly very cheery with their perfect teeth smiles.
      • The rest of the class went easily enough, but he was glad to hear the bell go off.
      • The two-hour session started easily enough with a questionnaire about my general health.
      • I had no idea who the contestants were, but the guy who won seemed nice enough.
      • He seemed nice enough, if a little chatty, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
      • These young men and women all look nice enough.
      • There was plenty of space for the hundreds of vehicles and we parked easily enough.
      • Croft had found it easily enough.
      • Miss Jacobs was a nice enough young lady and I believe she had the talent to go far.
      • Not an unusual texture as such, but attractive enough, and a nice picture.
      • She seems nice enough, but her English is very poor so it'd be a real ordeal to spend an hour with her.
      • He was nice enough, but definitely didn't omit the warmth and compassion Hayden had.
      • She was nice enough, but she seemed to interpret my quiet persona as a sign that I should have a really basic haircut.

    • 2.3(tolerably, passably)

      he's interesting enough to talk to para conversar es una persona bastante interesante
      • I like my job well enough but … mi trabajo me gusta pero …
      • it's a nice enough city como ciudad no está mal


Where the meaning … enough to … is being translated, the translation uses the structure lo bastante or lo suficiente … como para …: you aren't eating enough (to stay healthy) no estás comiendo lo suficiente or lo bastante (como para mantenerte saludable).