Translation of entropy in Spanish:


entropía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛntrəpi//ˈɛntrəpi/


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    entropía feminine
    • The enthalpy, entropy, and free energy changes in the opening reaction of each basepair are determined from the temperature dependence of the exchange rates.
    • In Chapter 3 we discussed how the thermodynamic arrow of entropy increase is a reflection of the relative probabilities of various states.
    • Despite the large increase in enthalpy and entropy, the free energy difference between the closed and open conformations is relatively small.
    • But no serious scientist would expect that such a thing were possible, for the simple reason that it would be a violation of the fundamental principles of entropy / information theory.
    • Changes in entropy or information content based on new constraints are calculated with respect to the appropriate reference state which can, in principle, be related to other reference states.
    • Then it recovers its investment by letting the sodium back in, so increasing entropy, and converting that change in entropy to free energy used to turn the rotor.
    • One can measure entropy on a scale from zero to one - zero indicating a completely linear system that loses no work and behaves predictably.
    • Information, entropy, and computation become metaphors for us at a much broader level.
    • It will occur because according to the second law of thermodynamics, the amount of entropy in a system must always increase.
    • These functions range from simple bookkeeping tasks to serious number-crunching algorithms such as deconvolution, maximum entropy, Fourier transforms and more.