Translation of entry in Spanish:


entrada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛntri//ˈɛntri/

nounPlural entries

  • 1

    • 1.1(coming, going in)

      entrada feminine
      entry into sth entrada en algo
      • she made her entry by a side door hizo su entrada / entró por una puerta lateral
      • on entry into the military zone al entrar en la zona militar
      • (of bullet) point of entry orificio de entrada
      • On May 9 that year William Fitzherbert, recently restored as Archbishop of York by pope Anastatius IV, made his entry into York.
      • A grand dame made her entry, progressing to the front row, clacking her heels all the way.
      • Police have said that the thieves might have got in through a side door as a superintendent had locked up the unit at 6.30 pm the other way in is through the maternity ward and there were no signs of a forced entry.
      • The soldiers surrounded it, knocked on the door, and politely but forcefully made their entry.
      • The forced entry may be the result of a predetermined or notional plan to seize an airfield following or during combat operations.
      • Private security personnel stood at the entrance and regulated the entry of visitors.
      • These deaths shocked the authorities into action and a strict ban was enforced on the entry of plastic materials inside the zoo.
      • It looks like there are signs of a forced entry and we are treating it as suspicious.
      • ‘That is where the actors made their entry and exit and the tunnel still runs from below the stage to the front of the building,’ he reveals.
      • If you made your entry here, you'll probably want to top up your fuel tank and head along the string of cays leading southeast.
      • The bell over the door chimed as another person made his entry.
      • It creaked as the gates had at his entry, and the door shut behind him, enveloping him in sudden noise.
      • The court heard that when police went to her home they said they had to make a forced entry to arrest her after clearly warning her three times that they wanted her to open her front door.
      • We were prepared for a forced entry, but then reorganized available forces to accomplish the new mission.
      • When Kamal made his entry to the accompaniment of drumbeats, a frisson of excitement shot through the crowds.
      • While the crowd settled down with the initial bang, the star of the show made his entry.
      • Can such alleged moral indecency justify the forced entry into one's home without any warrant?
      • The miscreants had reportedly made their entry through the front of the house.
      • He opened the passenger door to allow her entry and closed it after she was seated.
      • She stepped aside as another person made their entry.
      • In both cases, there was no evidence of a forced entry or anything stolen from either property.
      • Some snorkellers swam alongside a whale shark, while divers of one boat made their entry to find themselves among a welcoming committee of pilot whales.
      • It was about half past six when the ‘Supreme Star’ Sarath Kumar made his entry.
      • Then she turned on her heel and left me staring at the green door, contemplating my entry.

    • 1.2(into an organization)

      entrada feminine
      entry into sth entrada a algo Latin America
      • our entry into the Common Market nuestra entrada en el Mercado Común
      • SIR - Keighley Town Council has had eighteen ‘confidential’ meetings, where the press and public were refused entry.
      • To shield you even more by refusing you entry or hospitality would deny your critics even the small opportunity to make their point.
      • In seeking entry to Australia family members must also demonstrate good character, even if they have no desire to come to Australia themselves.
      • Citizens of specific countries are restricted travel due to their national origins and are routinely denied entry visas to western nations.
      • He was also a hardened anti-communist who simultaneously refused entry to mainly left-wing refugees from the Franco fascist dictatorship in Spain.
      • If a landowner refuses entry, the operator can begin condemnation proceedings.
      • She said that the decision to deny entry to members of the public was due to issues of ‘public liability insurance’ and a general need for tight security at any facility.
      • The Liquor License Act states that bar staff and security have the right to refuse entry to anyone.
      • Citizens of countries who do not require a visa to enter Bulgaria should get 90-day visas upon entry.
      • Security guards, at this point, refused entry to the public, saying they had just heard that there was an emergency in the court.
      • These are known as ‘on-entry’ cases, because they are seeking entry but have not entered.
      • The Australian government is technically within its rights to refuse entry, but is caught between an electoral rock and a humanitarian hard place.
      • I have the right to stamp Thai entry visas and therefore relieve Bulgarian citizens who used to have to go to Bucharest to get stamps from the embassy there.
      • Individuals, when recognised as travellers, are sometimes arbitrarily refused entry or access to public places and services.

    • 1.3Music

      entrada feminine
      • He proves a match for the orchestral mass, with a magisterial entry and huge singing tone.
      • King opts for slower tempos than expected, illuminating every stately arpeggio in the opening instrumental prelude until the explosive entry of the voices.
      • Nothing, until the fugal entries of the main theme in the winds, really takes off.
      • Every now and then a graceful movement of his left arm through the air preceded his entry into the music, as though he were offering a cue to an imaginary force.
      • The concerto soloist, a distinguished cellist, made an incorrect entry, and there was some untidy wind playing.

  • 2

    (access, admittance)
    entrada feminine
    acceso masculine
    [ S ]no entry (on road sign) prohibido el paso
    • to refuse sb entry negarle la entrada / la admisión a algn
    • he gained entry to the premises by force consiguió entrar al local por la fuerza
    • before noun entry pass pase (de entrada)
  • 3

    • 3.1(in accounts)

      entrada feminine
      asiento masculine
      • The tone of these diary entries / letters fluctuates between sorrow, desperation, affirmation, joy, remorse and guilt.
      • Assuming this book contains correct entries, the systems listed should share their data.
      • We primarily had overlapping data that led to multiple entries for a given piece of information.
      • The defendant has produced the single line entry from the log that pertains to the representative plaintiff's claim.
      • I'm looking at a diary entry he wrote in June 1917, just before the declaration was published, though after it was written.
      • They can set up custom reports, forms and letters and make diary entries for individual users, based on any date related information such as a reminder to return all appraisal forms by the due date.
      • Then it is the transaction that constitutes the misfeasance and the journal entry might be an admission of the transaction.
      • The diary entries give the book a personal touch and show the generals' emotional reactions to key events.
      • I hope to write a bit about the good TV stuff in a later entry, as I think there are a number of items worth mentioning.
      • He was in difficulty because there was no transaction, there were only book entries and accounts made after liquidation.
      • I continued to be online for the rest of the night and went to bed early after writing a short entry in my diary.
      • The first entry is dated 1993, but the bulk is from the autumn of 1994 onwards.
      • Reading my diary entries written before you died, I see a picture of a self-absorbed adolescent.
      • Students may write a newspaper account for the local paper describing their adventures, or they could write a diary entry in the voice of a person from that time period.
      • It occurs to me that my user info should be almost like an introductory entry, rather than the haphazard mess I typed in as I signed up.
      • The entries appeared between detailed entries for 6th March 1996 and 22nd August 1996.
      • Here's a link to the entry where we introduce the photo album.
      • That night, I wrote a long entry in my diary, which I had kept since I was a child (as Mama had done).
      • She was quite young for one who wrote such deep entries inside the book.
      • I spend between four and six hours every day doing something with the blogs - researching and writing new entries and posting them.

    • 3.2(in diary)

      anotación feminine
      entrada feminine

    • 3.3(in dictionary)

      (headword) entrada feminine
      (article) artículo masculine

  • 4

    (in contest)
    • 4.1(person entered)

      participante masculine
      the winning entry at the cattle show el ejemplar ganador de la exposición
      • there were 20 entries hubo 20 inscripciones

    • 4.2(field of entrants)

      número de participantes masculine
      entry requirements requisitos de entrada masculine
      • The event attracts a large entry of international teams, including South Africa, the reigning champions, New Zealand, Canada, Zimbabwe, and Japan.
      • A huge entry is anticipated, giving a lot of entertainment free on the streets of Swinford.
      • A picnic atmosphere prevailed and thankfully everything ran like clockwork, even with a huge entry of over 200 competitors.
      • The previous record entry, in 2002, was 821 crews.
      • Due to the mammoth entry the competitors were allowed a massive seven and a half hours to complete the two laps of 16 sections, as queuing at sections became very much the order of the day.
      • A total entry of 34 competitors played in the competition and the adults probably learned a few tips about the finer points of the game.
      • The organisers are hoping to swell the entry with first-time competitors.
      • A big entry is anticipated this year and the fact that the parade will fall on a Sunday should add to its success.

  • 5US

    (door, gate)
    entrada feminine
    • The first elevator required modifying an existing entry door with a limestone surround.
    • The fire started just inside the entry door to the basement, which was being used as a storage and workshop area.
    • This door was opposite the entry door and was smaller.
    • Add an attractive storm door to protect the entry door and keep heat inside in the winter, and bugs out in the summer.
    • Suddenly she saw the doors around the passenger entry closed up, and took note of the country it was going to.
    • Hospitality begins at the front door - with an entry that greets as warmly as a hug or a hearty handshake.
    • The living room melted into a study with the same hard wood floors by an elegant arched doorway directly opposite the entry door.
    • Maybe she would go away after a while, but all the same he had to go upstairs and past the kiosk and the bar if he wanted to get to the entry doors.
    • The end of the pass was no more glamorous than the entry, a red door that opened to an iron ladder.
    • He placed a hand on his side and stared at the small entry that led to the kitchen quarters.
    • On my refusing to marry the couple they went off in a vicious manner, throwing a large stone against the entry door.
    • Sure enough ten minutes later they came through the door when Luke stopped at the entry of the door and all the boys were knocked over… like the domino effect.
    • They tucked their shoes under the bench and walked to the entry that led onto the rink.
    • Extending along the northern portion of the library is a glass-enclosed entry that leads the visitor up a gradual slope that enhances a spiritual feeling.
    • Treading down the hallway from the bedroom, anxious to see what food might be available to me, I halted as a thudding came from the entry door to the apartment.
    • The glass will trap too much heat against the entry door and possibly damage it.
    • There was a little sign screwed into the wall by the entry door that marked it out as a Parisian hotel of character.
    • Acting as the conduit between the city and the symphony, the entry lobby bustles with energy day and night.
    • Lush cottage-style gardens encircle the structure, and a small brick walkway leads to the front door from the arbor entry.
    • Jon and I had only walked a few feet through the doors into the entry hall before they bombarded us.
    • The master appeared at the foot of the two wood steps that led up to the entry of her home.
    • The floor to ceiling front windshield serves as the primary entry and exit door.
    • From his hiding place behind the entry door, he could easily see the storage tanks that the toxins were being stored in.
    • When the door covers the entry, the office and library can be accessed simultaneously.