Translation of envious in Spanish:


envidioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛnviəs//ˈɛnvɪəs/


  • 1

    (person) envidioso
    (expression) (lleno) de envidia
    I must say I'm envious la verdad es que te envidio
    • it makes me so envious when I think about it! ¡me da una envidia pensarlo!
    • to be envious of sth/sb envidiar algo/a algn
    • he was envious of his brother's good luck envidiaba la suerte de su hermano
    • My best friend when I was growing up had three sisters and I was very envious at the easy, relaxed manner he had around girls.
    • It also creates a jealous and envious society, as we try to outdo each other.
    • People who are envious or jealous seem to be in a perpetual state of suffering and anguish.
    • Even then, her silent beauty had received admiring appraisals and envious glances.
    • She is jealous and she is envious and she can not stand the thought of losing you.
    • The envious and ungrateful do not really want to know the truth, since it would disturb their hatreds.
    • He still had the women swooning, the men in the audience casting envious glances and the youngsters in awe.
    • Everyone looks at you and gives you those admiring and envious glances.
    • His effortless command of audiences would make even the greatest public speaker envious.
    • Housing renovation has all been done by housing agencies, leaving council tenants to cast envious glances.
    • It also has a bad side because I am not liked by many people who are jealous and envious of me.
    • He also had a way with words that made this writer envious more than once.
    • The freedom of an individual to create wealth and spend it without envious attacks is a value that we all should be united in protecting.
    • I'm envious of someone who is able to make a living as a reader-writer.
    • You are beginning to discover that some people can be jealous and spiteful and envious.
    • I am deeply envious, more so since I learned that the show closed today.
    • Know that the person of whom you are jealous or envious has done some good deeds in the past and is now reaping the fruit.
    • After all you have to be envious of somebody to feel jealous of them, right?
    • The envious look on my fellow competitors' faces reflected my own view: I was going to win this race hands down.
    • He can't help but be envious of those in the private sector - there is the great temptation.