Translation of envy in Spanish:


envidia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛnvi//ˈɛnvi/


  • 1

    envidia feminine
    I was filled with envy at his success su éxito me llenó de envidia
    • eaten up with envy carcomido / corroído por la envidia
    • her beauty excited the envy of the other women las otras envidiaban su belleza
    • He at once covets and scorns material comforts - and both envies and despises those who enjoy them.
    • I venture to suggest their preference wouldn't bear too much scrutiny or arouse too much envy.
    • Some may even feel envy in that they wish they could feel the same way.
    • They were all consumed by envy now on top of the original dislike.
    • But I hated myself for letting envy consume me like this.
    • My answer is no, I'm not motivated by envy.
    • Full of self-doubt and lack of true self-esteem, the hero's emotions express themselves in extravagant, paranoid projections, envies and resentments - most of which he foists onto his indirect or mediated rival.
    • But it may just be that this vision has in fact been their focus and it has aroused petty jealousy and envy.
    • It's an unusual route to work, but definitely one that our construction team envies.
    • "That does sound like it was fun, " she answered, smiling with a little envy.
    • I know I should be mature and sensible and rise above any feelings of petty envy.
    • ‘I may have a lot of bad qualities like jealousy, envy and anger, but it takes a long time for anyone to really irk me,’ says the actor.
    • Love cancels resentment, envy and jealousy and replaces them with kindness, forbearance and cordiality.
    • Consumed by class envy and full of malice, they piled on as soon as they got the news.
    • Output will continue to grow at about the rich world average, and we live in the green and pleasant land we have today, which much of the world envies.
    • Liberal commenters seem to miss the irrelevance of class envy to the popular dislike of this tax.
    • Whether this attitude is motivated by envy or pure hatred, I know not.
    • In other times and places blood feuds or class envy might explain this level of suspicion.
    • I have to say that no process is good enough to be free from the pressures, the envies, and the hatreds to which any human being can be prey.
    • Forty-year-old faculty members have usually shed some of their earlier envies, animosities, and petty vanities, enabling them to be more understanding mentors.

transitive verb

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    I envy her la envidio
    • to envy sb sth envidiarle algo a algn
    • I envy you your good fortune te envidio la suerte que tienes
    • I don't envy him the responsibility no le envidio la responsabilidad
    • I've always envied the royal family ever since they came into power here.
    • I've always envied the girls on TV with the nice protective older brothers.
    • What I envied most was that they could write when and what they wanted too.
    • A long time ago, when we first became friends, I had envied that ability.
    • I so envy the people I meet who command a range of skills.
    • Borges' characters can similarly be said to envy women their desire that they cannot understand and do not dare explore.
    • Sometimes I feel like one of those girls that other girls envy.
    • I always envy other people's enjoyment of London Town.
    • She imagined her home even lovelier than it was now, and she imagined everyone admiring her, envying her, wishing they, too, had such a gift.
    • I've always envied people on those TV shows where everyone knows each other.
    • I almost envy you, on occasion, growing up in such a peaceful time.
    • She secretly envied the maid for her ability to remain so sly and untouched by pain.
    • Yet, in another respect, he almost envied her a little.
    • You must mark out your territory as an artist, so that others learn to envy you and aspire to what you are doing.
    • Modern architects, he writes in his foreword, envied the freedom of those artists.
    • I always used to envy people who had faith; I used to wish I too had faith, the sort that can carry you through when times are tough.
    • There's a high chance someone will be watching and envying your freedom.
    • I am popular, and all of the unpopular girls envy me.
    • He envies his freedom from bitterness and hate, and his love for his wife.
    • I've always wondered if I hate guys like that or just secretly envy them.