Translation of ephemera in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪˈfɛm(ə)rə//ɪˈfiːm(ə)rə//əˈfɛm(ə)rə/

plural noun

  • 1

    objetos coleccionables que no tienen valor intrínseco, como programas de teatro, entradas etc
    • Last spring I had a chance to spend a few weeks in Tuscany and tops on my list was to collect as much ephemera as I could pack back for reference.
    • Her huge collection of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and ephemera were sold in 1998.
    • Load up on cool ephemera and tacky souvenirs: NYPD snow domes, stick-on bullet holes, match books, carrier bags, free postcards, anything that says I heart NY.
    • Are these full-fledged art works or just ephemera documenting chemically altered states of consciousness?
    • And in a medium too often tarred with the brush of ephemera, it stakes a claim as a prime example of the inherent power of comics.
    • If you're an aficionado of arcane ephemera, you'll enjoy flipping through this at least once.
    • Finally, even for the most hardened drug user, the overdose of a close friend is likely to be a traumatic and significant event, more readily recalled than the ephemera and vicissitudes of daily drug activity.
    • I spent the evening going through the box, which is a replica of the thousands of boxes of souvenirs and ephemera he compulsively saved.
    • I may post storage-closet ephemera the rest of the week, just for fun.
    • She festoons the table with elegant ephemera - the living room's silver-painted eucalyptus garland is repeated on the dining room's chandelier - and puts out a buffet of festive treats.
    • The science and technology of printed ephemera covers three components: paper, ink, and a method of transferring ink to paper in order to reproduce an original.
    • We made the radical decision to intershelve periodicals, government documents, maps, and ephemera with the books in their subject areas.
    • Should we really assume that all people everywhere want to collect digital ephemera and log their lives as they go by?
    • No pedestrian gestures to glaze the eye; no taped electronic ephemera to abrade the ear; no agendas to manipulate the sensibilities.
    • In the wake of photography, the scrapbook, the flower album, the signature album - all those vehicles for collecting and displaying the ephemera of a lifetime - flourished.
    • Consisting principally of the artist's photographs of his performances and ‘cut’ buildings in their before and after states, along with conceptual drawings, notes and ephemera, it relies entirely on the power of our imagination.
    • Each ‘portrait’ is filled with references to the relevant artist's work, but he also draws on such biographical ephemera as anecdotes and photographs.
    • There's a slaphappy mix of editorial, including all the parachuted-in staples you'd expect from this type of rag: horoscopes, web ephemera and relationship advice.
    • Apart from postcards and letters, I have all sorts of ephemera, such as old cheques, receipts, leases, etc.
    • They were part of our lifetime, and their ephemera exists, pristine and whole, not yet chipped or broken, faulty with age, and to me, they are proof positive that monsters are real.