Translation of epileptic in Spanish:


epiléptico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛpəˈlɛptɪk//ˌɛpɪˈlɛptɪk/


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    (fit/attack) epiléptico
    (fit/attack) de epilepsia
    she's epileptic es epiléptica
    • A student died after developing a rare compulsive disorder that led him to seek hospital treatment he did not need for fake epileptic fits.
    • He suffers from epileptic fits, lower limb motor neurone problems, illnesses relating to cerebral palsy and other neurological problems.
    • It is agreed that there is a continuing risk of his suffering epileptic fits, despite taking medication.
    • A side effect of his condition is that he suffers epileptic fits which recently forced him to spend time as an intensive care patient.
    • In severe cases there may be weakness of the muscles, paralysis, speech disturbances, double vision or partial loss of the field of vision, and epileptic fits.
    • They are also usually on medication, being prone to epileptic fits.
    • During the Middle Ages, Europeans used walnuts to combat fevers, witchcraft, epileptic fits and even to prevent lightning.
    • Family and friends say he was prone to epileptic fits, which were often brought on after binge drinking, though no alcohol was found in his blood after he died.
    • The old charge, that he was an epileptic and that his revelations occurred when he was in the grip of epileptic fits, is now universally rejected by all serious scholars.
    • The moments of crisis are filmed like epileptic fits.
    • He worked as a farm labourer until he started to have a set of epileptic fits and he expired, as I say, eleven and a half years after the accident.
    • While it may cause epileptic fits or heart palpitations in the uninitiated, for the dedicated they just don't make them as good as this one.
    • These have not been proved to cause epileptic fits, but they can certainly be a source of irritation to other divers.
    • He also suffers from epileptic fits and may have Asperger's Syndrome.
    • For anyone who has not experienced one before, epileptic fits can be terrifying.
    • Computer games may be worse than TV because of the patterns and frequencies they use, but either may trigger epileptic fits.
    • She cannot work as she now suffers frequent, violent epileptic fits.
    • Occasionally, some individuals say they have blurred vision, feelings of unreality, faints, blackouts or even epileptic fits.
    • Febrile convulsions can be frightening for parents, especially as they look like epileptic fits.
    • At 18 months she began to suffer regular epileptic fits, caused by a non malignant tumour on her brain.


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    epiléptico masculine
    epiléptica feminine