Translation of epilogue in Spanish:


epílogo, n.

(US epilog)

Pronunciation /ˈɛpɪlɒɡ//ˈɛpəˌlɔɡ//ˈɛpəˌlɑɡ/


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    Literature Theatre
    epílogo masculine
    • The epilogue to the film is surprisingly contemporary.
    • I've also written an epilogue to this story… but I'll put that up later.
    • Goethe employs the fiction that an editor-figure publishes, with an epilogue, the authentic letters of a young man who commits suicide.
    • I just have the epilogue to write and then the story will have officially have come to an end.
    • Everything else is prologue and epilogue to that night.
    • He leaves the house with the curse of his father, but in the epilogue to the play, his family accepts his decision.
    • It's an awkward epilogue to an otherwise agreeable piece of fluff.
    • I'm not sure how I feel about this chapter, but that's probably because there's only one more chapter and an epilogue to write.
    • In a way, it seemed like I was writing the epilogue to my life.
    • The book consists of fifty-eight poems in five sections with an epilogue.
    • He extolled Shakespeare in many of the prologues and epilogues he wrote for new productions and new theatres, and his ‘Ode to Shakespeare’ proved the most enduring feature of his 1769 Stratford Jubilee and its subsequent London staging.
    • I always had an epilogue to the book, but originally it was my own epilogue.
    • Be sure to stick around for the epilogue to this episode.
    • Well, I've got seven more chapters and an epilogue to write.
    • Just one chapter (after this) and an epilogue to go!
    • It serves as the epilogue to one of the theologically most profound writings of the New Testament.
    • There then was the widely-photographed epilogue to that story.
    • This novel consists of three primary sections that are framed by a prologue and an epilogue.
    • That's taken me a week, and there are nine chapters and an epilogue to go.
    • There is a two-part epilogue to these door to door exercises.
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    (of an incident, a story)
    epílogo masculine
    final masculine