Translation of episode in Spanish:


episodio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛpɪsəʊd//ˈɛpəˌsoʊd/


  • 1

    (of story, TV serial)
    episodio masculine
    capítulo masculine
    • Indeed it is one of the best episodes in the history of the show.
    • The stage version is really like an extended episode from the television series, and it's a lot of fun.
    • I saw the first two episodes of this series and just didn't get it.
    • Whilst listening to an episode of Radio 4's programme Growing Science, I came across a word I hadn't heard before - thigmomorphogenesis.
    • My restaurant was used by BBC TV to shoot television plays and an episode of a serial was made there.
    • The show's final episode aired in May of 1993.
    • Past episodes of the BBC television series Airport began running through my mind.
    • Right away, I have to admit that I've seen only one episode of the show.
    • She and I had made 80 episodes of a television series for a satellite channel.
    • The first episode was broadcast on BBC TWO in 1964.
    • The pilot episode was screened by BBC2 on 26 July 1999.
    • We also watch quite a lot of TV in terms of watching whole season episodes of favourite shows or tele-movies on DVD, mostly old ones but also recent ones.
    • Thirteen episodes have been taped so far, and the ratings bode well for a second season.
    • "The show's final episode aired in 1975, but the loveable duo was not forgotten.
    • The collection is divided into three double-sided discs, which contain all twenty-two episodes aired in 1973 and early 1974.
    • The six half-hour episodes are evenly divided on to the two discs.
    • I saw the pilot episode a year ago and loved it.
    • In seven years they wrote 103 radio episodes and 63 television shows.
    • The actors' debut episodes will be broadcast on BBC ONE as part of Talent Week.
    • The joint venture will produce at least 80 episodes of serial television a year.
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    episodio masculine
    he denied the whole episode negó toda la historia
    • We could detect no further episodes of activity.
    • Regardless of the outcome of the trial, the whole episode has been a huge embarrassment to English football.
    • Updike's short story lines up four episodes, all told from a different point of view.
    • In any event, the whole episode has given rise to the same mercantilist arguments that have always been used to justify tariffs.
    • The novel consists of five separate stories that relate episodes in the life of this contemporary hero.
    • Sure, his songs may allude to past loves, events and episodes of his life, but they never provide the listener with solid biographical insight.
    • The events of the previous episodes have no bearing whatsoever on those of the current one.
    • In February 1945, the obliteration of the historic city of Dresden from the air became one of the most controversial episodes of the allied war effort.
    • Single events or episodes can, either negatively or positively, often assume disproportionate significance.
    • During the years leading up to the Civil War a number of episodes similar to the one at St. Mary's occurred in and around Boston.
    • The sedimentary record from the North Atlantic also shows a number of ice-sheet surge episodes.
    • In one of his more famous episodes, Beaubien participated in the raid that captured Daniel Boone and twenty-six of his men.
    • Few episodes in American history attracted more conspiracy theories than the Oklahoma bombing case.
    • If we take it at face value, the whole episode was a terrible accident, but the way the police have handled the aftermath has perhaps done them more harm than good.
    • Single events or episodes can often assume a disproportionate significance.
    • From the near vicinity, there is a small beaker in Romano-British style from a grave at Little Wittenham, embellished with scenes depicting episodes in the life of Christ.
    • Whole episodes of history, including the rise of Mussolini and fascism, would be omitted from official textbooks.
    • Miners went on strike more frequently than other workers, and several violent episodes erupted in the mine fields.
    • Uncertainty about the basic conditions of rural life, especially landholding, underpinned all of these episodes.
    • The strike over excessive toll charges has been marked by episodes of violence.
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    episodio masculine
    • This was only the most dramatic episode in an unfolding tragedy.
    • His ‘Homeric Ballads’, versified episodes from the Odyssey told in brisk, headlong style, were for Fraser's.
    • Plato illustrates the intellectual advantage that Socrates has over Protagoras in the episode of Simonides's poem.
    • Shakespeare, for example, uses Gower to bridge the temporal gaps between adjacent episodes in Pericles in ways which parallel the use of Time as chorus in The Winter's Tale.
  • 4

    pasaje masculine
    • Fugue and episodes flow in and out of one another seamlessly.
    • They are predominantly positive works; minor key episodes, when they occur, offer more harmonic contrast than emotional contrast.
    • Most of the episodes (excepting a very Stravinskian idea of an upward-thrusting minor third) seem related to the main theme.
    • I found myself visibly moved during the central subject's climactic high string episodes; likewise during the close of the development.
    • Here Tirimo brought excitement to the rhythmic central episode, also recalling Robert's characteristic use of dotted rhythm themes.