Translation of epistle in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈpɪsəl//ɪˈpɪs(ə)l/


  • 1

    the Epistles las Epístolas
    • St Paul's Epistle to Timothy la epístola de San Pablo a Timoteo
  • 2humorous

    epístola feminine humorous
    • I have read your epistle at least once a day since I received it with the exception of Sunday and then I perused it twice.
    • The opinions expressed in these evocative epistles were remarkably forthright and revealing.
    • Regardless of the content of the epistle, there is still something exciting about receiving an email or a letter from someone close.
    • When he failed to receive payment, he followed up with letters, and these hilarious epistles are what he shared with us.
    • I could almost hear her merry laugh ringing across the harbor as I slowly walked along the pier, reading her return epistle.