Translation of equalize in Spanish:


igualar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈikwəˌlaɪz//ˈiːkwəlʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (pressure/weight) igualar
  • 2

    (incomes/opportunity) equiparar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    igualar el marcador
    • That suggests that selection for recombination properties was sufficiently strong to overcome equalizing effects of migration even for such mobile organisms as fruit flies.
    • The Ministry of the Interior released its proposal of equalizing the status of county and city governments and the special municipality last week in an attempt to divide the administrative and financial resources more equally.
    • Next time around here in Ohio, it would be nice to have a ballot initiative on something like equalizing public school funding, reforming health care, or delivering more services to veterans.
    • Mean heights of transplanted seedlings were equalized among transplant areas.
    • In a recent case in New York, a judge ruled that New York City schools were underfunded, and he ordered the state to equalize funding.
    • Suppose we ask whether there is a likely alliance structure that can equalize the number of neighbours among all seven countries.
    • The possible equalizing effect of public education would be lost.
    • Vassilev said that the purpose is to equalise customs duty rates rather than protect domestic producers.
    • The new supervisors are needed to assess the rounds and make sure the workload is equalised, to ensure the rounds are completed on time and to improve the performance of the crews.
    • The agreement also capitalized and equalized the husband's pension and stated that for the purposes of any future variation of support, only half the husband's pension income would be treated as income.
    • The second column in table 1 contains the results with a weighting scheme that equalizes the total effect of direct and second-order interactions.
    • Legislation to equalise the pension age at 65 for both men and women has been passed.
    • The amounts of chromophore (that correspond to amounts of matured protein) were equalized among samples, absorption spectra for the native proteins were collected.
    • Empty cages were lifted up out of the water three times per week to equalize disturbance among treatments.
    • Determination of weights that best equalized the variance across the entire range of response required iteration.
    • She agreed, however, that it was an EU requirement to equalise prices for all regardless of nationality.
    • Moreover, it does so in a way that neither conceives domination in single-axis terms nor falsely equalizes the effects of these relations on subjects.
    • In a reply to a correspondent you further elaborate that the rate of profit is being equalized throughout the entire economy.
    • He certainly would not agree with Steinbruner that all national militaries must be equalized in capabilities and force structure.
    • Working wives change the power structure of the family by equalizing the resources of husband and wife.
    • Democrats tend to try to equalize things through the instrumentality of government.
    • The colonies were transported to an apiary and arranged in 3 circles of 12 colonies each to equalize some of the effect apiary layouts may have on drifting.
    • So the effect of rent is to equalize the profitability of all bare sites, reducing profit margins to those obtainable on marginal sites, i.e. sites with zero rental value.
    • In New Jersey, which has been struggling to equalize school funding for three decades, the schools in Elizabeth spend 70 per cent more per pupil than do the schools in Toms River.
    • This ceremony also equalizes the status of the students, irrespective of their background.
    • The company also refused to discuss equalising hours, travel concessions and pension rights across the workforce.
    • It equalized public life through the common access it established for all members of society - and it is worth noting that initially in nearly every case the broadcasters had a hard fight to assert that right on behalf of their audiences.
    • For more than two decades, lawsuits to equalize school funding have been wending their way through the courts in 44 states.
    • After two years, Chancellor Klein has ended a key initiative to equalize funding of city schools.
    • It was promoted as a way to relieve homeowners of high property taxes and equalize funding for schools in rich and poor communities.
    • If a town was too poor to fund schools on a par with more affluent communities, it was up to the state to equalize the funding, which in turn was supposed to close the gap in achievement.
    • In this, the commune system sought to do what had been tried within the original collectives through the attempt to equalize the assets of the constituent brigades.
    • A widespread uprising against the coalition forces has resulted in hundreds of casualties and the targeting of civilians in a desperate attempt to equalize strength through asymmetrical warfare.
    • Thus this researcher shows by implication that strong and sensitive teachers might try to equalize their status with learners in order to maximize conditions conducive to language acquisition.
    • There should be a push to equalize the funding of inner city schools with that of schools in the suburban areas.
    • Harvey could have done more, for Florida legislators had to take local assessors out of their tricky political situation before the state could equalize its educational funding in 1973.
    • This is extremely good value for money as the budget is used to equalise wealth throughout the EU with a higher share going to develop the poorer nations of Europe.
    • If policymakers are truly interested in colorblind college admissions, states must take steps to equalize funding between rich and poor districts.
    • Third, after the pension age for men and women is equalised in 2020, it should be raised in line with growing longevity, say by one year every 10 years.
    • Norden notes contention over the scale of counties: whether this should show their relative size or equalise them.