Translation of equally in Spanish:


por igual, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈiːkw(ə)li//ˈikwəli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in equal amounts)

      (distribute/divide) por igual
      (divide/distribute) equitativamente
      • The five bodies have already shared roughly equally the first £1.18 million of the cash.
      • Until the Welsh veteran suffered a calf strain last month the pair had equally shared 14 goals between them.
      • At present we have four Masses, in the parish divided equally with two on Saturday and two on Sunday.
      • After school hours must also be equally divided between sports and tuition.
      • And if John had more children the fund would be shared equally with them.
      • It has countered criticism by touting customers of all shapes and sizes buying equally different sets of products.
      • Each team has an equally allotted amount of turbo at the start of every inning.
      • The State Government and the railways have to equally share the cost, he said.
      • He also pointed out that he divided his time equally between the two stations.
      • By slacking, you simply reduce the size of the pie that your parents will eventually divide equally.
      • The bank employs 7,000 divided equally between its home town and across West Yorkshire.
      • Like the last, coveted chocolate bar, parents are expected to divide their love up equally.
      • The vision of a new India is shared equally by all and this includes the visually-impaired as well.
      • In the event of a single person dying intestate, his or her estate is divided equally between the parents if they are still living.
      • Everything there must be divided equally into six shares and distributed as soon as possible.
      • Let us share the resources equally among us because all of us deserve that.
      • The company divided the shares of the company equally among its six directors last month.
      • Eighty per cent of this cash is divided equally amongst all holding qualifying status.
      • If the parents earn the same amount, then they will share equally in the cost of raising that child.
      • Any money raised will be divided equally between the children when they reach their 21st birthdays.
      • The public's vote has been equally divided between the two proposals.

    • 1.2(without bias)

      (consider/treat) de la misma manera
      (consider/treat) de la misma forma
      (consider/treat) (por) igual
      (consider/treat) equitativamente
      • No-one forced into being treated equally or being forced to treat equally is happy or really free.
      • If couples were treated equally before the law, we would be looking at a Marriage Reform Bill.
      • We are in favour of enlargement with all states being treated equally, not a two tier superstate.
      • Both they and teachers are part of the same team and should be treated equally.
      • Responding to the criticism, Firman said that all cases were treated equally.
      • You can think somebody is a bad lot, but you have to treat that person equally.
      • Of course it is for everyone in the community to tackle racism and to ensure everyone is treated equally.
      • Further, the state must remain agnostic if it is to treat all citizens equally.
      • They want to be treated equally, and any hint that they are not equal is more than they can bear.
      • In other words, to ensure good governance where all are treated equally and justly.
      • Obviously people aren't treated equally - there's always inequality in the world.
      • Bradford Council says it treats everyone equally by reassessing all parking badges every three years.
      • Is there reason to believe that we are not treating all employees equally and fairly?
      • The systems treat all votes equally and provide representation for virtually every voter.
      • No one can tell until they arrive at the scene of an incident exactly how serious it will be, so every call-out is treated equally.
      • He said girls and boys would be treated equally but did not rule out separate classes.
      • She urged ministers to change the law so all people were treated equally in every part of their lives.
      • When they talk about one law for all, are they talking about a law that is impartial and treats all people equally?
      • This of course will mean no civil rights and everyone being treated equally - as a criminal.
      • The Irish consumer deserves to be treated equally to his or her European counterpart.

  • 2

    (to an equal degree)
    they are equally valid/guilty son igualmente válidos/culpables
    • equally easily/comfortably con igual / con la misma facilidad/comodidad
    • she is liked equally by young and old gusta tanto a los jóvenes como a los mayores
  • 3

    • 3.1also equally well(just as possibly)

      de igual modo

    • 3.2(at the same time)

      al mismo tiempo
      • They are willing to do good as long as it is conducive to their self interest, but, equally, they are willing to do evil also.
      • Equally, they are divided on how skills emerge and develop.