Translation of ergonomics in Spanish:


ergonomía, n.

Pronunciation /ˌəːɡəˈnɒmɪks//ˌərɡəˈnɑmɪks/


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    (field of study)
    ergonomía feminine
    • Along with ergonomics, precision and efficiency have become important issues as well.
    • The interior design is pleasant and the ergonomics are excellent.
    • So what other simple ergonomics am I neglecting in everyday life?
    • The science of ergonomics can vastly improve ballot design by creating ballots that are easy to read and use.
    • Listening to workers and putting into place good ergonomics and good science can yield dividends.
    • The science of ergonomics recently has become an important consideration in health care settings.
    • My study of industrial design and ergonomics helps greatly.
    • The senior members of society have their own ergonomics and anthropometrics.
    • Then there is the issue of agent efficiency and productivity - positive ergonomics helps agents get more work done.
    • His background is in human-computer interaction, design cognition, ergonomics and psychology.
    • Have fun while learning about gravity, anatomy, ergonomics, and social dynamics!
    • Once they get it, they do not mind spending more to incorporate air-conditioner, sound system and comfort seats that define ergonomics.
    • But this car has ‘excellent ergonomics and beautiful switch gear and trim’ to keep drivers happy.
    • Finally, consider the ergonomics of your workspace, especially lighting, and keyboard and screen height.
    • It goes beyond engineering ergonomics to the base level of why equipment will be used: to fight, win and survive.
    • Engineered with the ergonomics of a spinal column, the highest grade of surgical stainless steel is crafted into stout links of solid metal.
    • It's time to do away with the old prejudices about cordless technology and ergonomics.
    • To designers, though, ergonomics means comfortable efficiency - an excellent goal.
    • In the past, ergonomics studies were confined to performance measures, such as error rates and reaction times.
    • Minus points aside, the cabin ergonomics are first-rate and it's easy to achieve a comfortable driving position.
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    ergonomía feminine