Translation of espy in Spanish:


atisbar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈspaɪ//ɛˈspʌɪ//ɪˈspʌɪ/

transitive verbespied, espying, espies


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    atisbar literary
    • We espy the professor and his assistant in the distance and amble over to them.
    • If I espy a weed trying to masquerade as one of my plants I just yank it out.
    • ‘I want that,’ my sister Molly says, espying my purchase.
    • Later, I am in a supermarket, and I espy a former teacher whom I did not like.
    • This afternoon, whilst I was chatting to an elderly couple who wanted directions to somewhere, my eyes wandered to the car park verge and espied a single solitary daffodil blooming in the late winter sun.