Translation of essay in Spanish:


ensayo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛseɪ//ˈɛseɪ/


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    • 1.1(literary composition)

      ensayo masculine
      • In writing essays, I only follow one rule, which is that all the information is independently verifiable.
      • I won an award for a poem, and consistently scored really well for essays, short stories and other English stuff in high school.
      • In addition, he has published several books of essays, poems and photographs.
      • Many of the essays are just too short to really get into the subject.
      • Each section centers around a theme and is introduced with a short essay by one of the editors.
      • Apart from the novels, Sundara Ramaswamy has written several short stories and essays on literary criticism.
      • Quentin Williams makes this point in a perceptive essay on painting and photography.
      • Both his poetry from 1926 on and his essays in literary criticism attest to his spiritual independence.
      • I think I did a reasonable science essay on house design.
      • He's since written many novels, and essays, and short stories.
      • The editors encouraged all forms of literary submissions from poetry and essays to short stories and serialized novels.
      • Previously, he had published travel essays and short stories, but he turned to writing novels.
      • For example, my first published piece was a nonfiction essay in MidAmerican Review.
      • He has published essays, reviews and short stories in a number of journals and anthologies and is currently at work on a novel.
      • Although he lacked a good radio voice, he excelled at writing short but incisive essays that captured a radio audience unused to such quality in a news broadcast.
      • This juxtaposition is a characteristic feature of George Eliot's essays and reviews.
      • That might be the inevitable price of writing short essays.
      • However, he continued to write poems, short stories, essays, and novels when he found time.
      • I went on to publish essays, short stories, poetry, and political commentaries.
      • During the years that followed, Hurston wrote novels, essays, articles, and plays.
      • He began writing plays, essays, short stories and then film scripts declaring that he planned to devote his life to art as a force for social change.

    • 1.2

      (academic composition) trabajo masculine
      (academic composition) ensayo masculine
      (language exercise) composición feminine
      (language exercise) redacción feminine

  • 2formal

    incursión feminine formal
    • Tourism at its best is an attempt, an essay, and not all essays are trivial.

transitive verb


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    (task) intentar realizar
    (method) probar