Translation of establish in Spanish:


fundar, v.

Pronunciation /ɛˈstablɪʃ//ɪˈstablɪʃ//əˈstæblɪʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (colony/community/company) fundar
      (regime/dictatorship) instaurar
      (dictatorship/regime) establecer
      (committee/fund) instituir
      (committee/fund) crear
      (bridgehead) establecer
      his father established him in business su padre lo ayudó a establecerse en los negocios
      • The Commission was established to ensure effective follow-up to the Rio Earth Summit of 1992.
      • Beatrice, a former director of a market research company, had just established her own firm.
      • When a firm chooses to establish a subsidiary, internal as well as external conditions are taken into account.
      • He left the security of permanent employment to establish a sports centre in Melbourne.
      • The museum was established for a particular purpose… design.
      • We've had a marvellous few days and the family ties have been firmly established now.
      • It will be the first licensed international brokerage firm to be established in Abu Dhabi.
      • Medicaid programs are administered at the state level, but they must follow guidelines established by the federal government.
      • Many Irish-based firms are now establishing their own corporate programmes.
      • Air quality guidelines are established to protect public health.
      • He took a job with an Italian law firm, establishing its London office while at the same time building his own firm.
      • Kibbutz communities initially were established as part of the pioneer movement to bring Jews from around the world to Israel.
      • The company has quit Victory House, in Bank Street, its home since the firm was established 27 years ago, to move into its new base.
      • A seven-member board was established to oversee the start-up and operation of slots.
      • This family firm, which was established more than 40 years ago, provides a wide range of goods and services.
      • In 1960 Robert Best established the firm in London, and it is now run by his son Patrick.
      • Protocols were established to ensure fair and equitable computer access for those who wanted it.
      • The firm was established by Richard King and a number of partners in 1978.
      • He said it was important to establish efficient communications systems between the islands.

    • 1.2

      (criteria/procedure) establecer
      to establish a precedent sentar (un) precedente
      • to establish diplomatic relations establecer relaciones diplomáticas
      • the army was sent to establish order se enviaron efectivos del ejército para imponer el orden
      • His scientific credentials were established on the basis of his anatomical discoveries.
      • He has established himself as one of the most exciting country blues performers of our time.
      • The company quickly established a strong reputation and has won numerous national and international awards for its wines.
      • Dionne Warwick has, over an illustrious four-decade career, established herself as an international musical legend.
      • They rapidly established themselves as one of the few bands outside Louisiana who can capture the unmistakable but elusive sound of Cajun music.
      • Since joining Dale in July 1999, Atkinson has played more than 50 first-team games - establishing himself as a firm crowd favourite.
      • The group's cheerleaders claim this will establish the firm as one of Britain's most financially successful e-tailers.
      • Boll, who established himself as one of the foremost writers of his generation, was born in Cologne in 1917.
      • He has firmly established himself as a young goalkeeper with a big future.
      • While dinner etiquette was never formal, a firm routine had been established for following dinner.
      • It's not taken him long to establish himself as a firm favourite with Salford Reds supporters.
      • The life-size cardboard cut-out policemen helped the firm establish itself on the other side of the Atlantic.
      • He has been with us for two years and has established himself as a much-loved figure.
      • Over a period of 20 years, Donatella established herself as a sculptress in the international arena of visual arts.
      • After leaving West Point in 1915, Eisenhower quickly established himself as a proficient trainer of young recruits.
      • With no formal training but packed pockets of passion and enthusiasm, Lee has established himself as an award winning restaurateur to be reckoned with.
      • During that time she has established herself as an accomplished broadcaster, capable of dealing with the most delicate and difficult news stories.
      • He has established himself as a compelling concert performer and a stellar contributor to world-wide music festivals.
      • The gold was won by Christian Olsson, the Swede, who has firmly established himself as Jonathan Edwards's heir.
      • Eddie's love of the stage saw him performing and compèring shows in which he established himself as a stand-up comedian.

  • 2

    • 2.1(cause people to accept)

      she saw it as a way of establishing her authority lo veía como una manera de dejar sentado que era ella quien mandaba
      • he soon established a reputation as a womanizer pronto se ganó la fama de ser un donjuán

    • 2.2(prove)

      (innocence/guilt) establecer
      (guilt/innocence) demostrar
      • The firm's research had established that 75 retailers had requirements for space in York, some of whom would want to come into the city from outside.
      • We must now establish who bought the estate and who lived on it through the years till 1700.
      • The source of these huge amounts of iron has not yet been established with certainty.
      • There's still very little hard evidence establishing a direct link between counterfeiting and terrorism.
      • They established to their satisfaction that sheep were able to recognise humans they had become familiar with.
      • Research has firmly established the link between social function and pathological outcomes.
      • "We established to our satisfaction that the memos were accurate or we would not have put them on television.
      • Research firmly establishes a link between a country's increased trade and economic well-being.
      • One should initially establish who is liable for the tax.
      • Your testimony and the expert opinion you offer must be connected to the facts already established by admissible evidence.

    • 2.3(ascertain)

      (fact/identity/motive) establecer
      we're trying to establish where/what/how … estamos tratando de establecer / de determinar dónde/qué/cómo …

reflexive verb

  • 1

    (become successful, secure)
    he established himself in the legal profession se hizo un nombre / se estableció en el mundo jurídico
    • he quickly established himself as the office clown pronto se ganó la fama de ser el bufón de la oficina
    • she's established herself in our house se ha instalado en nuestra casa
    • No we do not have a separate team to establish communication with international organisations.
    • Perhaps we should also consider using the Internet to establish closer contact with the community.
    • Some teachers would make an initial effort to establish communication and then would lessen their efforts.
    • Contacts have already been established with farming organizations in the county.
    • What I am trying to do now is to establish contacts with various Bulgarian cultural and educational organisations and institutions.
    • But once contact had been established, the information given was both speedy and accurate.
    • Use alumni groups, friends, and relatives to establish contacts at the companies you are most interested in to help you navigate through the application process.
    • Subsequently, I visited each community to establish personal contact with the deaf people and their families.
    • He called on non-government organisations to establish contact with the families of the infected children and find a way to help them.
    • Most important was to establish contact with the audience and not to lose it.
    • The British Government is already beginning to establish contacts with the organization.
    • However, contact has been established with a number of key officials.
    • The core purpose of the program is to establish connections and communication between the participating schools.
    • Others are visiting the country for short periods to establish contact with the criminal community.
    • Contact has been established with a guest player.
    • The hardest part of getting information may be establishing an initial connection.
    • I am also grateful to my sister for her liaison with indigenous education colleagues, and for establishing some of my contacts in Adelaide.
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    (tendency/idea) imponerse
    (idea/tendency) arraigarse