Translation of estrange in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɛˈstreɪn(d)ʒ//ɪˈstreɪn(d)ʒ//əsˈtreɪndʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to estrange sb from sb/sth alejar / distanciar a algn de algn/algo
    • she is estranged from her husband vive / está separada de su marido
    • As a result, she can understand neither herself nor others, and this estranges her from her husband, her son, her American relatives, and finally, from Isabel.
    • I thought that this was going to estrange my daughter and myself for a very long time.
    • It's obvious that bad character traits such as anger, jealousy, and pride estrange a person from others.
    • The songs are a little more raw this time around, though not drastically enough to estrange long-time fans.
    • A consequence of his broken marriage was the apparent attempt by his ex-wife to estrange his son from him, hence his over-indulgence of Carl's gambling habits.
    • Their relations ultimately further estrange him from his Jewish wife.
    • His language deliberately estranges the modern reader from the customary historical accounts of the past, exposing a revisionist view of America.
  • 2estranged past participle

    his estranged wife su mujer, de quien está separado
    • they're estranged now ahora están separados