Translation of eternity in Spanish:


eternidad, n.

Pronunciation /ɪˈtəːnɪti//iːˈtəːnɪti//əˈtərnədi/

nounPlural eternities

  • 1

    (time without end)
    eternidad feminine
    we shall meet again in eternity volveremos a encontrarnos en la otra vida
    • We might all have to go underground and sulk for all eternity.
    • First he was a great-grandson of Queen Victoria whose reign seemed to go on for all eternity.
    • This alone could have brought in enough revenue to finance Social Security for all eternity.
    • If a British tennis player were to give up a chance to win the men's single title for a small thing like the love of a woman he would be torn to pieces, or at least mocked for all eternity.
    • Just imagine, your own voice, your own words, broadcast out into the cosmos for all eternity.
    • The king was then taken to his burial chamber deep below the pyramid and then sealed there for all eternity.
    • A stone is also symbolic of eternity, like the cornerstone of a building, placed to last for all time.
    • Will they find happiness or are they doomed to misery for eternity?
    • Wiccans usually put the symbol in a circle, which has traditionally represented the endless or eternity.
    • Sticking with the fish, they are often served whole with the head and tail bent towards one another like a circle or symbol of eternity.
    • Usually, the twin pines symbol is enclosed in a circle to symbolize eternity.
    • I think that my thoughts should be recorded forever on paper and bound so that mere mortals may read them for all eternity.
    • The German political elite felt that their country would be condemned for all eternity to bear the burden of its militaristic excesses, and successes.
    • Then the Shia family could have reigned in happiness and strength for all eternity.
    • Basically, either way, she was doomed to suffer for eternity.
    • Then he realizes that he is doomed to spend eternity locked in the same place, seeing the same people do the same things every day.
    • Diamonds, symbols of eternity, are not forever - they will eventually degrade to worthless graphite.
    • And it is a symbol of eternity, time immemorial.
    • From that time on, David will love this woman, his mommy, with all his heart for all eternity.
    • He also wanted to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to make his career, to make his name for all eternity.
    • He made a huge mistake and will suffer for it in the hell of his own self absorption for all eternity.
    • There were a couple of scenes where I thought they'd just forgotten to end it, that maybe it would never end, and I'd be watching for all eternity.
  • 2

    (long time)
    eternidad feminine
    • After what seemed an eternity of uncomfortable silence, well, I thought someone had to break it.
    • For Melanie, however, school seemed to last an eternity on Friday.
    • After an eternity of waiting, he finally spoke, ‘I'm shallow?’
    • I started sweating, and every passing moment seemed like an excruciating eternity.
    • What seemed like an eternity passed, but the creatures made no attempt to advance.
    • They sat in silence for what seemed an eternity, when suddenly Isabel's phone rang.
    • I bit my nail anxiously as I waited an eternity for Mom to answer.
    • After a seeming eternity, they were beneath the stage.
    • The woman is gone for what seems to the man to be an eternity.
    • I truly smiled at her after what had seemed like an eternity of waiting.
    • Finally, after what seemed an eternity of waiting, the first dragon came into view.
    • Six months is a long time in the restaurant business - six years is an eternity!
    • Disagreeing with any aspect of Government policy would doom them to an eternity on the back benches and make high government office impossible.
    • To Scott it seemed like Mary took an eternity to make up her mind.
    • So, it's almost here after what seems like an eternity of endless waiting.
    • If you are with a group of males expect to wait an eternity.