Translation of euthanasia in Spanish:


eutanasia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌjuθəˈneɪziə//ˌjuːθəˈneɪzɪə//ˌjuθəˈneɪʒ(i)ə/


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    eutanasia feminine
    • At the end of the lifespan, one way that the body may be killed or that natural death may be hastened is through euthanasia.
    • Are there any parallels between euthanasia in animals and the discussions about euthanasia in humans?
    • The subject of euthanasia is a complex one, it is one which no politician or medical expert should make.
    • This separation has not resulted in moral desensitisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia.
    • This was the reason for his resolute opposition to stem cell research, abortion and euthanasia.
    • Early on, he and his family began to talk gently about the possibility of euthanasia.
    • Dispel any ideas of choice this title conveys: euthanasia cannot be selected like a pub or restaurant.
    • An estimated 3600 cases of voluntary euthanasia are carried out each year in the Netherlands.
    • He explained that this is why the association supports training doctors to understand euthanasia.
    • This would increase medical involvement and might be considered as moving towards euthanasia.
    • Legalising voluntary euthanasia will be one step nearer having a truly civilised society.
    • It was not a step towards euthanasia or suicide, which remain illegal.
    • Once the disease reaches this stage, euthanasia or mercy killing is the only recourse.
    • Forty per cent of the doctors said they had been asked by patients to assist in their suicide or in euthanasia.
    • It would be involuntary, active euthanasia if the patient were not consulted and her wishes were not known.
    • To do otherwise, they claim, would be tantamount to active euthanasia, and this they see as morally wrong.
    • The message for everyone is that the debate about euthanasia must be continued.
    • Critics of this decision will say that it represents a further step towards the legal recognition of euthanasia.
    • This role was not excluded but fell outside the criteria of care for euthanasia.
    • How can euthanasia be murder if a person just wants to slip away with dignity and wants to end their suffering?