There are 2 main translations of even in Spanish

: even1even2


hasta, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈiːv(ə)n//ˈivən/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      it's warm there even in December allí hace calor hasta / incluso en diciembre
      • even a child could do it hasta un niño lo podría hacer
      • even now, five years later incluso ahora, cuando ya han pasado cinco años
      • it would be madness even to attempt it intentarlo ya sería una locura
      • Some even go to the extreme of spending all or most of their income for a good hit, but it's just not fair.
      • The carriage was surprisingly relaxing and even the children chattered quietly.
      • It was surprisingly silent in the huge building - not even an echo was heard of footsteps.
      • I am not even a little bit surprised when I find her waiting for me, or when I see what has been growing in her eyes.
      • In Scotland, too often, we still manage to be surprised that it even exists.
      • That the actor had handpicked her for this role was something that had surprised even her.
      • It was certainly a surprise as we didn't even know it was up for sale, how dare he not tell us.
      • Only rarely today does one hear even distant echoes of that extreme position.
      • These days the danger is so extreme that even the troops give the road a miss, and fly from the airport by helicopter.
      • Their anaemic performance over the last 18 months has come as a surprise even to us.
      • It's a reminder that normal life goes on even in the most extreme situations.
      • People might not realise water can be extremely cold even on a warm summer day.
      • I must say even I was surprised by just how quickly your journalists found an angle.
      • He surprised even some of his closest colleagues by accepting the job many regard as a poisoned chalice.
      • People always have a choice for what they do, even under the most extreme situations.
      • It's a mistake made surprisingly often, even by sources that ought to be better informed.
      • I love trying new dishes and am rarely fazed by even the most extreme ingredients.
      • What followed was a breathtaking turn and finish that must have surprised even the player.
      • Our willingness to show up for this event seems to have surprised even ourselves.
      • Of course levels of dyslexia vary, and even extreme dyslexia need be no barrier to achievement.

    • 1.2

      he can't even sew a button on no sabe ni pegar un botón
      • you're not even trying ni siquiera lo estás intentando
      • don't even think about it ¡ni se te ocurra!

    • 1.3

      the next day was even colder al día siguiente hizo aún / todavía más frío
      • Arab traders took Islam to the area in about the twelfth century, possibly even earlier.
      • Then she played some Lamb tunes to me, that possibly meant even more, for similar reasons.
      • With the opening of UCLan's third campus, that possibility now seems even closer.
      • Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that it is one of the more successful films made with lottery cash.
      • That will actually make them even more worthwhile as a target for forgers.
      • I was then even more surprised how quickly I flew up the hills on the North Downs.
      • This possibility adds even more urgency to the need to find an alternative route for quarry traffic.
      • Notwithstanding the personal tragedy here there is now even less emphasis on the original issue.
      • Indeed, we have kept the prices in Lyneham as low as possible by reducing even further our very small margins.
      • Many other US states have adopted or are considering even more extreme measures.
      • The assumption is that the private sector does it better, faster, possibly even cheaper.
      • I was, however, even more surprised last week to not hear the bells playing at all.
      • It will not be easy, which places even greater emphasis on the world's best cricketer.
      • In the 1960s there was an even greater shift in emphasis to viticultural research.
      • Movies about poor, uneducated mothers forced to work punishing jobs are even rarer.
      • And this could indeed have even worse consequences than leaving the oppressed to rot.

    • 1.4(introducing stronger expression)

      it'll be difficult, even dangerous será difícil, hasta / incluso peligroso

  • 2

    even as
    • even as I speak en este mismo momento
    • even as he had predicted exactamente como había predicho
    • even if aunque
    • we'll do it even if it takes months lo haremos aunque lleve meses
    • even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you aunque lo supiera, no te lo diría
    • even so aun así
    • he's only 12 — yes, but even so ... tiene apenas 12 años — sí, pero aun así ...
    • even then aun así
    • I explained it twice, but even then they had difficulty lo expliqué dos veces pero aun así tuvieron problemas
    • even though aun cuando
    • she told him even though I asked her not to se lo dijo aun cuando / a pesar de que le pedí que no lo hiciera
    • even though I don't agree with you aun cuando / a pesar de que / aunque no estoy de acuerdo con usted


  • 1

    (flat, smooth)
    (ground/surface) plano
    (coat of paint) uniforme
    the floor isn't even el suelo no está nivelado
    • plane the boards down to make them even cepilla las tablas para igualarlas
  • 2

    (regular, uniform)
    (color/lighting) uniforme
    (lighting/color) parejo Latin America
    (features) regular
    (work/progress) constante
    (work/progress) regular
    (motion/breathing) acompasado
    (breathing/motion) regular
    (temperature) constante
  • 3

    he kept his voice even no alteró la voz
  • 4

    (distribution) equitativo
    (distribution) igual
    an even game un partido parejo Latin America
    • after four rounds they're even tras cuatro vueltas están / van igualados / empatados
    • he stands an even chance of winning tiene una posibilidad entre dos de ganar
    • so now we're even/ so that makes us even así que estamos en paz
    • to break even no tener ni pérdidas ni beneficios
    • even Stephen(s)
    • we're even Stephen(s) estamos en paz
    • to get even with sb
    • he's just itching for a chance to get even está buscando la oportunidad para desquitarse / vengarse
    • I'll get even with her one day ya me las pagará algún día
  • 5

    (divisible by two)
    (page/number) par
  • 6

    (exact in amount, number)
    three dollars even tres dólares justos / exactos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (surface) allanar
    (surface) nivelar
  • 2

    (make equal)
    (score) igualar
    (contest/situation) equilibrar

There are 2 main translations of even in Spanish

: even1even2


crepúsculo, n.


literary, archaic

  • 1

    crepúsculo masculine literary