Translation of evergreen in Spanish:


de hoja perenne, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛvərˌɡrin//ˈɛvəɡriːn/


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    (shrub/tree) de hoja perenne
    are acacias evergreen? ¿las acacias son de hoja perenne?
    • Also, consider whether you want deciduous or evergreen plants.
    • Planting bulbous and tuberous plants under evergreen trees is not advisable.
    • The abundance of thick foliage, evergreen shrubs and trees ensures that while trains may make themselves heard every now and again, they certainly won't be seen.
    • There are many other plants and small evergreen shrubs that are suitable for fall containers.
    • This plant will eventually grow into a tall shrub but the evergreen foliage and clusters of white flowers from December to April make the small, young plants useful pot shrubs.
    • Overwintering herbaceous plants or evergreen trees can only survive the winter seasons of cold climates when they are able to acclimate.
    • Severe winter conditions, and sometimes soil deficiencies, may cause physiological problems such as sunscald and purple spot on the leaves of evergreen hollies.
    • Autumn is the perfect time for planting both deciduous and evergreen trees.
    • The Lycopodiums are evergreen plants with fairly constant abundance throughout the growing season.
    • Deciduous species usually have deeper root systems than species with persistent foliage in Cerrado, which would make deciduous species less dependent on rainfall than evergreen species for expanding leaves.
    • Widely cultivated ornamental, but poisonous flowering shrub with evergreen leaves and clusters of fragrant pinkish or red flowers.
    • Seasonal changes in understory species from spring ephemerals to evergreen herbs are discussed in a number of contexts throughout the book.
    • A few white fairy lights can add a sprinkle of magic among the winter foliage of evergreen trees and shrubs.
    • Those adaptations enable the rodent to rely on the evergreen saltbush plants for sustenance throughout the year.
    • Clematis armandii has large, handsome evergreen leaves not usually associated with such an elegant plant.
    • Clear the containers out and replace the plants with winter bedding or small evergreen plants and shrubs that can be put out in the garden next spring.
    • This family of evergreen plants bears swordlike leaves in shades of green, coppery red, and yellow, plus variegations.
    • Compiling data of the heat of combustion from 203 woody species, however, Poorter and Villar found a small but significant difference between evergreen and deciduous leaves.
    • While many older residences have straight sidewalks and broad, open lawns, many newer houses are nestled into their own miniature woods of closely planted trees and evergreen shrubs.
    • The plant that has developed counts almost as a small shrub with grey-green evergreen leaves and, as the name Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ suggests, mauve flowers.
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    (song/story) favorito
    (entertainer) siempre joven
    (subject of conversation) eterno
    (subject of conversation) perenne
    • Silk has been an evergreen favourite among designers in India, ever since the fabric made its entry into the country.
    • The evergreen classical ballets still have their regular and popular seasons, but trendy neo-classical works such as SwingTime at the Ballet are now equally sought after.
    • Of all the evergreen aspects of Wells' classic, perhaps its most enduring message is about the amazing resilience of the human spirit.
    • Anuradha also thrilled the audience with her evergreen favourites like Vaseegara from Minnale and Kai Kai from Bhagavathi.
    • The evergreen classics are not out, but they are not the in-things either.
    • Since the heroine ‘Nayika’ and Krishna theme is an evergreen favourite, she taught them a new ‘paadam’ in this category.
    • Trinity, no doubt took the field as favourites, with evergreen Quentin Israel to guide them with a shrewd game plan, even in wet conditions not akin to their style of play.
    • More than anything, he liked companies that churned out the products people craved, figuring that an ever-growing population would deliver evergreen profits.
    • Evidence of vegetation sometimes survives: plants such as hyssop, heather and box may have been popular remedies or evergreen symbols of eternity.
    • And funny thing: sometimes the truth is popular - this evergreen piece just turned thirty years old.
    • First performed at the Young Vic Theatre, London, these evergreen favourites are now brought to life in the leafy, wooded areas of Lancaster's Williamson Park.
    • Eileen Lavender is celebrating her fiftieth year, and the evergreen director's golden anniversary production opened last night to a pleasingly busy house.
    • Tasmania's ever popular, evergreen entertainer John Sidney has died in Hobart aged 75.
    • Other favourites include the evergreen Jazz Lads, Sticky Beaks and Donegal traditional group Hair of the Dog.
    • Traditional silk is an evergreen commodity and the latest styles in Kacheepuram, Valkalam, Puttapakka, Venkatagiri and the likes are always in demand.


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    (plant) planta de hoja perenne feminine
    (tree) árbol de hoja perenne masculine
    • The plants here are evergreens such as fatsias, which thrive in the relatively low levels of light, and an acer in a large pot.
    • The nutmeg tree is also a spreading evergreen with dark green leaves and pale yellow flowers.
    • In this day and age of exploding energy costs, it is just plain ignorant to plant evergreens where they don't belong.
    • It's a good time for planting evergreens and flowering shrubs, so long as they're watered well until frost creeps into the soil.
    • Late summer through late winter is also a good time to propagate needle evergreens - but these plants are a little trickier to root.
    • Not all plants should be pruned in February or March, though - evergreens or plants just about to burst into bloom are best given a wide berth.
    • All plants go dormant during the winter, but evergreens keep their foliage.
    • Is it a garden for all seasons with the right balance of flowering perennials and deciduous plants with evergreens to give interest in winter?
    • It is a good time to buy and plant conifers and evergreens, summer-flowering bulbs and dahlia tubers.
    • Junipers and yews are the most commonly planted of the narrow-leaved evergreens.
    • Planting camellias, azaleas and other early spring flowering evergreens should be planted as soon as possible.
    • For potted evergreens or more acid-loving plants a more acidic fertilizer should be used.
    • The stone walls are studded with plantings of clematis, espaliered trees, and a sarcococca plant - a fragrant evergreen that blooms in early spring.
    • If we lean towards the evergreens as the main plant theme and accent it with deciduous material that provides seasonal blooms or foliage color we can gain the look of the Japanese garden.
    • Consequently, browsing may be more damaging to evergreens; and leaves of evergreens are generally better defended against browsing than deciduous tree leaves.
    • Buy and plant conifers, evergreens, grey-leaved shrubs, cordylines and phormiums.
    • If you have evergreens, perhaps the plants are just shedding older leaves to make way for new.
    • For those who prefer ‘tailored’, a smart alternative would be pots planted with clipped evergreens, box, bay or conifers.
    • A slow-growing evergreen with graceful undulating leaves, the new spring foliage is cream, gradually changing to dark green.
    • Like conifers, broadleaf evergreens need little pruning - especially if you plant one suited to the site.