Translation of everlasting in Spanish:


eterno, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛvəˈlɑːstɪŋ//ˌɛvərˈlæstɪŋ/


  • 1

    (love/gratitude/peace) eterno
    (glory/fame) imperecedero literary
    (snow/laws) eterno literary
    a promise of life everlasting una promesa de vida eterna
    • This statement of world-agreed fervent belief reminds us these values are everlasting and of perpetual beauty and may never be tarnished by any national politicians anywhere at any time.
    • A sprig of holly is added as a symbol of everlasting life, and the burning brandy a reminder of the rebirth of the sun.
    • The symbolic process which it idealizes is still called ‘Algorithm’ in modern mathematics, an everlasting tribute to its immortal founder.
    • He conveyed to me his love of people, teaching me to see the beauty within, to have empathy for the less fortunate, to make everlasting friendships that endure time and distance.
    • It is the material of his eternal life either in everlasting joy or painful torture.
    • After his arrival, man's everlasting desire for not departing and staying forever in this world is his perpetual passion from time immemorial.
    • If there's anyone out there who can name all the second evictees off the top of their head, they will either earn my undying respect or everlasting contempt.
    • If society made one small change, we would be living in everlasting peace, with boundless prosperity, and experiencing eternal kindness to one another.
    • One ultimate flaw is that good nor evil can never be destroyed, or the balance shall fall and the universe with it, therefore it leaves us in everlasting conflict which shall never end; not least the universe does too.
    • They've been like a dream, an everlasting dream that will never end.
    • Like God, who made us free, I think it necessary that people be allowed to choose, not only to be eaten, if they will, but even to damn their eternal soul to the everlasting fires of hell.
    • Legal principles are not everlasting and immutable givens: they are the contingent products of history.
    • While we cannot know all the details, we know that the belief entails the promise of everlasting life and eternal joy.
    • Bright white sparks rode along the surfaces of the halls, and then the light ceased, and the area was engulfed in eternal, everlasting darkness once more.
    • I believed every word that was written in the Vedas about the Almighty, his love, eternal happiness in Heaven, evil, and the torment of everlasting Hell.
    • Because of the love of God I recoil from any thoughts that after death those who have not pledged their lives to Christ, or who have never heard of Christ, will necessarily be cast out by God into some form of eternal, everlasting punishment.
    • For example, the idea of a road or a river is a symbol of a never-ending or everlasting journey.
    • It develops an everlasting union that lives on forever through the perpetual fruit it bears.
    • As with the genome, the internet was going to transform our lives, remake society, abolish boom and bust, bring everlasting peace and make the Tories unelectable forever.
    • Her arm had everlasting reminders of her problem.
  • 2informal

    (propaganda/complaints) continuo
    (complaints/propaganda) eterno
  • 3British

    (lasting a long time)
    everlasting flower siempreviva feminine