Translation of everywhere in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛvrɪwɛː//ˈɛvriˌ(h)wɛr/


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    I've looked everywhere for it lo he buscado por todas partes / por todos lados
    • they go everywhere by car van a todos lados / a todas partes en coche
    • everywhere along the coast por toda la costa
    • everywhere you go you see poverty dondequiera que vas, ves pobreza
    • The low-velocity zone occurs almost everywhere, except perhaps under cratonic areas.
    • It seems that human baldness is attractive everywhere except on the head.
    • Big capitalists everywhere are always a bit resentful of bigger capitalists.
    • His career is enough to give hope to struggling thespians everywhere.
    • I am always busy and so try to drive everywhere as quickly as possible.
    • It's not always possible to walk or cycle everywhere and for many people cars are essential.
    • It could be a ticket to a career, but critics call them an affront to women everywhere.
    • Only the children run and shriek and throw stones and wrestle like children everywhere, making balls out of rags.
    • He reasoned that time was constant, that it applied everywhere in the universe in exactly the same way.
    • In other words, the technology must fail always and everywhere, which it clearly does not.
    • Nova Scotia is no exception; everywhere you go there are pipers belting out tunes.
    • Centralised economic management has failed everywhere it has been tried.
    • Naturally they're seldom alone, as people seem to invite them everywhere.
    • There is a growing consensus, everywhere except Downing Street, that this is the way forward.
    • The integration of custom and the West is everywhere you look, especially in the churches.
    • He is a sore loser who wants to win at all costs, always and everywhere.
    • The laws against the Jews were not, however, everywhere the same, nor were they always fully enforced.
    • It is the prayerful longing of people everywhere for universal peace and fraternity.
    • On the one hand, Lee suggests that audiences are being underestimated everywhere.
    • The girl was to take it everywhere she went and always to be aware that it was with her.


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    everywhere's shut already ya está todo cerrado
    • everywhere in the city was terribly crowded todos los bares (or hoteles etc.) de la ciudad estaban abarrotados de gente
    • everywhere's the same really en realidad en todas partes / en todos lados pasa lo mismo