Translation of evocative in Spanish:


evocador, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈvɑkədɪv//ɪˈvɒkətɪv/


  • 1

    to be evocative of sth evocar algo
    • Being the best, the stories are in the most vivid and evocative style of narration.
    • Much has been made of the evocative power of this Icelandic quartet.
    • Now new generations can become acquainted with this powerful, evocative and moving story.
    • I thought at the time that this was merely a moving and evocative metaphor for the loss of love.
    • Few symbols are as evocative or as powerful as those that remind us of our childhood.
    • But as soon as you put on the headphones and start the audio tour, it becomes a powerfully evocative place.
    • Her singing voice, in contrast, is strong and helps create a striking and evocative work.
    • Sarah, 23, aims to bring back evocative memories for anyone with a passion for musicals.
    • I thought it made an evocative image and leaned into the open with my camera.
    • The remixes here sample the evocative hooks and then simply loop them without the progression that is so much a part of most of his output.
    • I certainly feel he has a way with words and was able to paint some very evocative images, as well explain some dense concepts.
    • The image becomes abstract, but is evocative of specific styles of modernist painting.
    • As death draws near, evocative, atmospheric images are offered up to the reader.
    • This image is perhaps the most detailed and least evocative of those on show.
    • With little traffic on the roads, travelling by bike remains one of the most evocative ways to explore South America.
    • Expect an evocative journey into the heart of darkness where the sins of the past are revisited in the present.
    • The study has that evocative smell of newly cut timber and wood glue about it as the components are brought in and leant against the wall.
    • His powerful and evocative voice and his memory will live on in our hearts.
    • It is a response that is highly charged, evocative and expressed with an obvious degree of emotional insight.
    • He gathered the dust near the site, and used it to create a hauntingly evocative piece.