Translation of evoke in Spanish:


provocar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈvoʊk//ɪˈvəʊk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (sympathy/response/admiration) provocar
    (admiration/response/sympathy) suscitar formal
    • The result evoked an angry response from demonstrators outside.
    • Stalking, once established as a social problem, evoked a rapid response from the criminal justice system.
    • Words are flashing in my mind, recollections of a time past, evoking specific feelings, recalling certain events, ones I do not wish to recollect.
    • Peaches evoke memories and bring out the best of summertime activities.
    • He smelled like strawberries, an innocent summery scent that flooded over and through me, evoking memories and images of a time not so long gone.
    • This little temple is a true artistic achievement because it causes a shift in consciousness and evokes those feelings that we commonly call spiritual.
    • The principal reason for this is that poetry evokes a pre-determined response.
    • The doctors said that if any response was evoked it was among a few middle aged and elderly patients who were already highly motivated to modify their drinking behaviour.
    • I really need to jog my memory to evoke images of the place.
    • Jewels, which have a definite presence in most of the counters, evoke a good response from the customers.
    • The bird in hand image immediately evoked a memory I had from childhood.
    • The forecast evokes dismissive responses from auctioneering and estate agency spokespeople
    • What's to say there's not a homeless soul on a cold Dublin street who occasionally glances at a digital photo - using the memories evoked by the image to hold onto reality for yet another day.
    • A second argument holds that a modified procedure might evoke negative responses in patients, leading to a decreased willingness to participate in future research.
    • The short man glared at him, displeased that he evoked no response.
    • In particular, this perspective evoked a big response from young people.
    • Memories of Ireland evoked a sadness, even bitterness, that cast a long shadow over the experience of family in the United States.
    • They are gruesome and evoke fear in the minds of their devotees; not love.
    • Clearly, these kinds of images of the miserable at play will evoke horror in the minds of every sane person.
    • So these things have to be handled very, very delicately, and the way I'm trying to do that is to evoke a sense of memory as opposed to a sense of anger.
    • On seeing the picture, it evoked pleasant memories of times spent at school in the past.
    • Is it possible the movie set out to evoke a cinematic response in the spectator to mimic the characters' internal quandaries?
    • The book has evoked responses from people living with brain damage and members of the medical profession as well as those who've read it as a family story.
    • It captures honest moments of weirdness, but it also manipulates images and music to evoke emotion.
    • Full of existential angst and loneliness, her paintings are able to evoke an empathetic response from the viewer.
    • A sudden change from a familiar system to another evokes doubt in the minds of the public.
    • As he discusses individual musicians, he illustrates how art intensifies human experiences and how music evokes powerful emotions and memories.
    • The narration, music and images combined to evoke fear and loathing in my impressionable pre-teen mind!
    • The use of the word ‘pepper’ came into existence when it was observed that chili evoked a similar response to that of black pepper.
    • The number of stimuli per 10-sec stimulation train that failed to evoke any muscular response was recorded.
    • He thought that a circle of a particular colour touching a triangle at a specific juncture could evoke the same response in the viewer as the hand of God touching Adam in the Sistine chapel.
    • A sociobiologist evokes much the same responses from his traditional behavioural science colleagues as would a Marxist in a business school.
    • The representation of the disabled has historically been heavily stereotyped with aversive images that evoke pity and fear.
    • On the other hand, crying evokes physiological responses that increase the production of stress hormones.
    • Stress related factors might also influence interpretations of abuse, and evoke different responses in the victims of abuse.
    • Exchanging stories and memories of the lost servicemen have evoked complex feelings, they said.
    • Less easily quantified will be the emotions evoked by the memory of Persian Punch, who won 20 races in his career, the last of them on the Heath exactly a year ago.
    • Such heady language evoked a strong response among political refugees who were indeed sharpening the sword of vengeance on their own suffering.
    • To my mind it succeeds in evoking the excitement and interest inherent in mathematics but so often overshadowed by complexity and social fear.
    • In subjects with reduced androgen levels, stimuli that normally evoke a stress response are significantly less potent.
  • 2

    (memories/associations) evocar