Translation of exacting in Spanish:


que exige mucho, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzaktɪŋ//ɛɡˈzaktɪŋ//ɪɡˈzæktɪŋ/


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    (work/job) que exige mucho
    (supervisor/employer) exigente
    (conditions/standards) riguroso
    • Injuries may hurt but the pain of not being able to reach his own exacting standards would be harder to deal with.
    • But then they are equally scathing about anything that fails to measure up to their own exacting standards.
    • Sorry I couldn't use all your emails, but very few of them measured up to our exacting quality standards.
    • The Governess sings throughout her exacting part with skill and understanding.
    • His exacting personal standards, morose private nature and unapologetic misogyny often gave him a truculent, dyspeptic appearance which was well deserved.
    • A consummate professional and master decorator, he has never presented work that does not meet his own exacting standards of design, even if it means outshining everybody else's masquerade.
    • Applying his exacting, respectful attention to the everyday speech of the people as well as the notable speech of poets, philosophers, and presidents, he allows each to elevate the other.
    • At least, I think the media should not lead the public astray by confusing one's career and individual life, and meanwhile putting a heavy burden on people through exacting models.
    • The only question is whether our politicians - who are after all human - can measure up to these exacting standards demanded by the Scottish parliament - I'm sure I couldn't.
    • While the wizards were most certainly using spells to scour the mountainsides for spies or scouts, it would take a magus of exacting skill to locate her.
    • Under the proposed bill, they will be subject to less exacting standards in order to test new technologies, train crew, or fly working vehicles in the process of gaining a full license for paying customers.
    • However, even grunge reveals an exacting attention to detail.
    • Benevolence would have to give way to the exacting standards of science.
    • The total of these conditions is a demand; a relentless, exacting demand upon those fundamental resources, land and water.
    • I didn't have to worry whether water taxis, hotels and restaurants were up to his exacting standards.
    • With an exacting attention to detail, Kees combines reality derived from photographs, memory and studies from life with creative imagery to convey his vision.
    • Although he had a lifelong interest in philosophy, his exacting personal standards permitted only a few published articles in our field.
    • Luckily, staff appeared with the starters and managed to exceed the exacting standards the bachelors were demanding.
    • Our role is to produce the finest car, to the most exacting standards, in the world motor industry.
    • An appeal is an expensive step in the judicial process and one that makes an exacting claim on judicial resources.