Translation of excavation in Spanish:


excavación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛkskəˈveɪʃ(ə)n//ɛkskəˈveɪʃ(ə)n/


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    excavación feminine
    • The excavation has shown the archaeological enclosure to be already disturbed through modern activity.
    • It is an aspect of excavation and construction that you cannot afford to ignore.
    • British archaeologist who pioneered the application of stratigraphic excavation in the Near East.
    • The initial phase of the archaeological excavation at Woodstown has just been completed.
    • No one has ever carried out a systematic survey or excavation on the wreck site or indeed the mutineer settlement.
    • These questions can only be answered through the careful archaeological excavation of the site.
    • Because of this he felt that excavation should be undertaken only under proper archaeological supervision.
    • The archaeological excavation uncovered what was once a thriving church community.
    • Details on his archaeological excavations on early Maine sites can be found here.
    • Consistent excavation and sampling methods were employed throughout these units.
    • The only way to address the many unanswered questions on this site has been through a new campaign of excavation.
    • The amount of scientific work that occurs on site, during excavation, is unprecedented.
    • The sites around West Drayton and Acton will see new excavation to address problems of their dating.
    • After earlier survey and excavation, the cist was relocated this summer.
    • After nearly two decades of excavation, the Carranque Archaeological Park is now open to the public.
    • He did a lot for archaeology: he was the father of scientific excavation.
    • Several are regularly involved with excavation under the supervision of experienced archaeologists.
    • The road needs to be re-routed to facilitate the full excavation of the Woodstown site and surrounding areas.
    • Earlier this month, English Heritage visited Urswick and asked for a more detailed survey and excavation of the site to be carried out.
    • There are important implications revealed from archaeological excavations of these sites.