Translation of exceed in Spanish:


exceder de, v.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈsiːd//ɛkˈsiːd//ɪkˈsid/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (be greater than)
    exceder de
    not exceeding 30 days que no exceda los 30 días
    • Although this figure exceeds the averages for tobacco, cotton, and even rice, it falls below the averages of sugar estates in the Caribbean or Brazil.
    • If you are middle-aged, that figure could exceed nine billion before you die.
    • One decade after the dismantling of the USSR and the restoration of capitalism, the death rate of Russia exceeds its birth rate.
    • The OPEC nations habitually cheat on each other by exceeding the production quotas that they agree to.
    • He was elected on the first count having well exceeded the quota of 465.
    • If this is anywhere near correct, it's an astonishing number, far exceeding the turnout of eligible voters in any recent American Presidential election.
    • Duties on quantities exceeding the quotas will be gradually reduced until their full lifting in 2006-2007.
    • The number of Catholics worldwide has exceeded one billion for the first time, according to figures released by the Vatican.
    • The way to get coal for heating is to exceed the production quota.
    • In the most populated areas of California, the cost of living far exceeds the national average.
    • The report shows that Norway also exceeded its quota when trade statistics are used as the measuring parameter.
    • If beetle counts exceed an average of six beetles per trap per day, this is equal to the treatment threshold.
    • As expected he topped the poll comfortably and with 1,002 votes he made it on the first count, well exceeding the quota of 757.
    • Annual costs to the nation in lost productivity and health expenses exceeded sixty billion dollars.
    • The increase meant the producers exceeded their official quotas by 8.7 percent, according to the report.
    • Thus, it was decided to compare average size of faculty with programs whose faculty exceeded the average.
    • His actual income probably exceeds this figure, but for lack of evidence, I am not able to make a finding as to the total amount of income.
    • The total costs of this matter (so far) must exceed this figure by some margin.
    • It is expected that with such interest being expressed in the project that the print run will much exceed this figure.
    • He forecast that if the price of compensatory notes exceeds their par value, more holders would choose to sell and invest the money in real estate.
  • 2

    (go beyond)
    (limit/minimum) rebasar
    (limit/minimum) sobrepasar
    (hopes/fears/expectations) superar
    (powers) excederse en formal
    (powers) abusar de formal
    • Having now exceeded her own wildest expectations, she's less inclined to impose limits on other aspects of her life.
    • Afterwards, Conradt spoke of her team that had exceeded everybody's expectations except its own.
    • And he enjoyed a level of success which exceeded everybody's expectations even his own!
    • Passengers exceeding the carry-on limit will not be allowed through the security checkpoint.
    • With less than two years left in the initial testing phase, their expectations are being exceeded at almost every level.
    • The charges for late payments, returned payments and exceeding one's credit limit have gone up from £20 to £25.
    • The only person who can make a decision to exceed the speed limit is the person in control of the vehicle.
    • Any current service member who is at or exceeds the 25% limit is prohibited from adding to the tattooed area.
    • ‘Pride and Prejudice is exceeding everyone's expectations and hopefully it will do as well in America when it is released there, as that will really put him on the map,’ said Casey.
    • If they had done so, they would have gone beyond the necessity of war and exceeded the previously prescribed limits.
    • Even Barnett, who tends to avoid movie-industry hype, cautiously admits that expectations have been exceeded.
    • Travelling at approximately 8mph, he had exceeded the 2mph speed limit for towns.
    • Jenny reaches and exceeds the highest expectations anyone could have of a teacher of this course.
    • It has told Indian hospitals that it cannot refer UK patients because flying time to India exceeds the three hours limit set for transferring patients.
    • They exceed the range limits imposed on Iraqi weapons by the 1991 ceasefire agreement.
    • On the other hand, operating expenses will in no way be allowed to exceed the barest minimum requirement.
    • This is for the first time in close to a decade that that economic growth has exceeded the 8 per cent mark.
    • When the sound mix also exceeds one's expectations based on the film's content, you start to wonder what's going on.
    • The volume of gifts collected to date has far exceeded anyone's expectations.
    • It includes the kid who never even made it to college and the one who exceeded everyone's expectations.
    • If he finished his campaign now, he would not exceed the $20,000 limit, he said.
    • The charity was overwhelmed by the response to its fund raising events over the festive period, with the final total exceeding its highest expectations.
    • Two solar powered vehicle activated signs which will detect vehicles exceeding the speed limit and flash up a reminder.
    • For this reason, drivers are allowed to exceed the speed limit on such calls.
    • And in October of the same year, he started writing this book and the book exceeded his wildest expectations.
    • Year after year, economic and income growth exceeded prevailing, modest expectations.
    • Like it or not, the rapid growth in Internet use has meant domain name registrations have far exceeded anyone's expectations.
    • It is within the Prime Minister's powers to exceed the speed limit, if she is on urgent public business.
    • Marine officials at a post-battle briefing said the speed of the fight exceeded their wildest expectations.
    • He also said the country has a bright economic outlook, with economic growth exceeding 10% for fiscal 1999, which ended March 31.
    • While most techs are just happy if you don't toss the mic around like Roger Daltry, they're notorious for their futile attempts at keeping bands from exceeding pre-determined stage volume levels.
    • As many as one in eight motorists drinks beer, lager or wine before getting behind the wheel, with many exceeding the legal drink-drive limit, research found.
    • Why are you allowed to exceed water allocation limits if you can simply afford to pay the surcharge?
    • As we are now in debt we need to keep a very careful control on cash - we cannot risk exceeding our statutory borrowing limit.
    • It has little direct value in feed by-products and could result in the feed exceeding the maximum limit on fiber allowed in poultry feed, for example.
    • It was a success far exceeding anyone's expectations.
    • The response from this group has exceeded my highest expectations, but there's still a lot of work to be done.
    • Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions are far exceeding our Kyoto limits with the agricultural sector as the biggest emitter.
    • The noise levels are monitored, he said, and the range never exceeded the limits allowed in the Noise Pollution Regulations.
    • Walton expects economic growth to exceed the MPC's base case, due to buoyant exports and investment.