Translation of excess in Spanish:


exceso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛksɛs//ˈɛksɛs//ɪkˈsɛs//ɛkˈsɛs//ɪkˈsɛs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(immoderate degree)

      exceso masculine
      an excess of caution/optimism un exceso de precaución/optimismo
      • Over the millennia during which man has selected grape vines, he has chosen those capable of photosynthesizing an excess of sugars and storing them in berries.
      • In my experience of making salts of bases, it is sometimes actually advantageous to make the first sample with an excess of acid.
      • They had a surplus of raw power and an excess of drive.
      • But many of the same critics also complain about an excess of illegal immigration.
      • Potato prices have fallen recently, due mainly to an excess of old crop appearing on the market.
      • We expected that recombination should induce an excess of reversals not expected under parallel evolution.
      • Presenting an excess of content in a minimum of time to an audience of diverse backgrounds is extremely difficult.
      • Increased to 168 pages this year, it is the biggest book to date, and the final images were selected from an excess of 80,000 photographs taken in throughout the year.
      • More content with his place in life, the male North African Muslim only went mad through an excess of religious fervor or the influence of hashish.
      • But this is perhaps the inevitable result of a paucity of content trapped within an excess of style.
      • In the past I have sometimes criticised Nunn for an excess of novelistic detail.
      • Concordant with this result, Tajima's test and Fu and Li's tests indicated an excess of singletons as expected under the rapid growth hypothesis.
      • Although useful in small amounts, an excess of these hormones continuously and over time, can damage the arteries and heart muscle and lead to the development of high blood pressure.
      • As much as I don't want those resources put to ineffectual uses, I also don't want it to go to waste since it's not like there is an excess of resources to go around.
      • There was an excess of tools, a green house and a store of old seed.
      • A while back I criticised dogmatism among atheists as well as an excess of certainty in belief.
      • Any excess I have (up to the bag limit) are always kept with the skin on and frozen, to be used later as snapper bait.
      • I don't think that what is threatening France is an excess of the free market.
      • The main problem with the show is that it suffers from an excess of style over content - kind of ironic, considering that the online industry has been bickering over that very issue for years.
      • The genealogy is close to star-shaped, so, as in the case of population growth, we expect an excess of rare variants in our sample relative to the standard neutral model.
      • An additional 2 men and 7 women were dropped from the sample due to an excess of missing data.

    • 1.2(immoderation)

      exceso masculine
      to eat and drink to excess comer y beber en exceso
      • to carry sth to excess llevar algo a la exageración
      • Surely it is true that, if the choice must be made between the total abstinence in use of alcoholic beverages and excess, then the choice is total abstinence.
      • When I finally released the pressure, it ran up the wall, looking more like a drunken man after a nite of alcoholic excess.
      • The social and emotional costs of alcoholic excess are also well documented.
      • Nestled in the pristine Alps, its resorts provide great skiing in the lap of luxury, but Saint Moritz isn't just about reckless excess.
      • Extravagant names, colourful excess, intoxicating variety - sweets are a model of human inventiveness and exuberance.
      • For young people with few prospects beyond stolid lives punctuated by bouts of alcoholic excess, it's easy to understand the allure of more irreverent, less traditional ways of life.
      • His last years were characterized by disillusionment, drunkenness, and excess, and he committed suicide in Leningrad, writing his last poem in his own blood.
      • Among younger and single women binge-drinkers, alcoholic excess is associated with the pursuit of a sexual partner and, in some cases, with low self-esteem.
      • Yet such indulgence is often the way, as people laugh off alcoholic excess while working themselves into a righteous moral lather over something smelly in a cigarette.
      • There have long been epidemiological suggestions that lack of fibre or excess of red meat in the diet is to blame.
      • To some extent, it appears to function as a cautionary tale, preaching moderation: excess, it warns, finishes you off quicker than boredom.
      • With the slew of people in there, it's the typically small percentage that ‘see their great night wasted’ through violent excess.
      • Caught in a downward spiral of depression, dissipation and alcoholic excess, Boswell died on 19 May 1795.
      • Alcoholic excess is certainly nothing for a political leader to boast about.
      • Sadly, it was also a pretty good way to harm themselves with legal problems or health issues resulting from excess.
      • To top a life of drink and drug excess, the best possible career move in the music business is death.
      • Hundreds of fans pressed around the Paris grave of The Doors cult singer Jim Morrison yesterday, 30 years after drug and drink excess claimed his life.
      • Minors are clearly not allowed and no excess drinking please!
      • Just to show that we haven't lost our edge when it comes to alcoholic excess, may I present for your delectation and delight…
      • Now women are fast catching up in the race to alcoholic excess.

    • 1.3excesses plural

      excesos masculine
      desafueros masculine

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    excedente masculine
    • If your margin interest exceeds your investment income, you can carry over the excess until next year, she adds.
    • Under the circumstance, the liquidity excess, which stood at around 700 billion baht now, would begin to decrease, she stated.
    • It was estimated that other government revenue was likely to be an additional 50 billion baht above target figure, leaving a total excess of 170 billion baht.
    • In this scenario, the country will plan to pay off the temporary excess of imports at a later time, with proceeds made from future export sales.
    • She would've owed only the 6% tax for each year the excess remained in the IRA.
    • But when the central bank's CAR was higher than 8 percent of its monetary liabilities, the excess would be used to retire some of the perpetual notes.
    • Total number of policies issued stand at more than 5.5 lakh and total sum assured is in the excess of Rs 13,000 crore, it said.
    • If however, the cash together with any other gains exceed your annual exemption you will be liable to capital gains tax on the excess at your marginal rate of tax.
    • Deflation will not subside until growth is sufficient to absorb the remaining excesses in production capacity, which may be greater than the official data show.
    • The average excess on contents policies is £50 - £100, but some insurers allow £500 or more.
    • The operating ratio condensed the year-end result into a single figure: the average excess of operating expenses over operating revenues per day.
    • An excess of 20,000 tonnes went into US bond stores, counting against this year's quota.
    • What they don't realize, or perhaps chose to ignore, is that the current surplus is merely an excess of collections over distributions.
    • For monthly incomes between 110 and 150 leva, the tax rate will be 15 per cent on the excess over 110 leva.
    • Even then, the number 2 will only be worth the percentage of the excess over the quota divided by the total number of votes the first preference candidate has gathered.
    • It is comprised of the results of past production, as the excess of output over consumption.
    • The gradient of risk with blood pressure was steeper for fatal than non-fatal stroke, reflecting a relative excess of haemorrhagic strokes among fatal events.
    • Could you explain how this structure is joined together, what we call here the golden thread that runs through people related issues in an organisation with excess of 40,000 employees?
    • Just to define the terms a little bit, the trade deficit is the excess of our imports of goods over our exports of goods.
    • Although there will be enough capacity to satisfy demand in 2006, the excess of capacity over consumption will begin to shrink.
    • The fact that reducing Quota or increasing milk herd size would tend to increase the likelihood of a milk excess in relation to Quota, cannot mean that they must be treated identically.
  • 3British

    (on insurance policy)
    franquicia feminine
    • And with all policies you will have to pay an excess on any claim, usually between £50 and £100.
    • By agreeing to pay a greater excess on each claim you can reduce your car insurance premiums.
    • However, he accepted that, if the excess of the insured value over the market value were so great that it suggested a moral hazard, the underwriter would not insure the vessel.
    • The school had been facing a £750 demand from its insurance company for the excess on the insurance on the three minibuses.
    • Mr Croft said he will have to fork out a £50 excess on his insurance claim to repair the damage.
    • Any excess in one's claim generates an obligation to compensate those who thereby have less.
    • It helps you to claim back your excess from the third party in the event of a non-fault claim.
    • If the damage is small, the insured may have to carry the total loss himself or if the damage does not exceed the total excesses payable, the insured may find himself seriously out of pocket.
    • But one resident, who did not wish to be named, said her insurance excess had been raised to £2,500.
    • She was also ordered by Selby magistrates to pay the Wests £250 compensation - the excess on their car insurance.
    • A last aspect I wish to mention, regards the payment of the excess on a claim.
    • The excess for baggage loss and baggage delay claims is €100, for money loss claims it is €65.
    • Annual repairs and maintenance of vessels include voyage repairs and spare gear, annual survey fees, and hull and machinery insurance excess.
    • This is a popular method of reducing premiums by increasing excesses and many insured are caught unawares.
    • The transport chief said the cost of the damage was still unknown but, in any event, ECS would have to fork out £400 on its insurance excess.
    • Some insurers provide premiums to pensioners or enhanced benefits by waiving excesses.
    • He has been hit by a 10-fold increase in his insurance excess and has the added headache of knowing he must pay the first £2,500 of any future flood claim he makes.
    • As it is, the excess for flood insurance is $10,000.
    • She is claiming just over £400, a sum which includes the excess on her car insurance claim, used to pay for replacement locks.
    • Another reason Jacobs mentioned to illustrate the value of the system is the insurance excess payable when a vehicle is stolen.


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    excess weight exceso de peso masculine
    • trim the excess fat off the meat quítele el exceso de grasa a la carne
    • excess supply/demand exceso de oferta/demanda
    • excess profits exceso de beneficios
    • This overreaction makes your body produce excess amounts of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which can make you hyperalert and anxious.
    • His hand tingled, almost burned, where he held his sword, and the moment their lips made contact there was suddenly an excess amount of blinding bright light.
    • It is important to limit nickel content to the level needed for control of pearlite; excess nickel increases the amount of retained austenite and lowers hardness.
    • The teenager admitted charges of dangerous driving, driving with excess alcohol and driving while unfit through drugs, when he appeared in court.
    • False negatives: samples exposed to light will show decreased amounts of bilirubin; excess levels of ascorbic acid.
    • His pulse increased and he began to sweat excess amounts.
    • Minor side effects include light-headedness, nausea, sore mouth, sore throat, hiccups and excess amount of saliva.
    • But even a small amount of excess sodium causes bloating.
    • The small amount of excess water molecules in the reaction are released as water vapor, says Shimshon Gottesfeld, chief technology officer at MTI.
    • This powerful neurotransmitter is a key player in the brain's learning centers, and excess amounts create deeply embedded memories of drinking.
    • The blade is polycarbonate, and is reinforced with deep ribs that add a huge amount of strength without excess weight.
    • So if you increase the amount of excess carbs you eat, you can increase your fat stores and add unwanted size to your physique.
    • I had a good time, but I'm really tired this morning, and I have an excess amount of junk food left at my house that I need to get rid of.
    • Fat cells produce excess amounts of the female hormone oestrogen, which can speed up the natural process of cell division and so lead to a higher risk of a cancer cell being formed.
    • ‘A tiny amount of excess food’ translates very nearly into ‘sweeties’.
    • It is nearly impossible to ingest beta carotene in toxic amounts, since the body will not convert excess amounts to toxic levels of vitamin A.
    • Statistics reveal that minimum temperatures have little to do with the excess winter mortality rates.
    • The model is thus suggesting that this amount of excess travel time compared to the freeflow travel time, is less for the lower speed limits than it is for the 60 km/h limit.
    • Health professionals define ‘overweight’ as an excess amount of body weight that includes muscles, bone, fat and water.
    • Minor side effects from the gum include lightheadedness, nausea, mouth and throat irritation, hiccups, and an excess amount of saliva.