Translation of excessive in Spanish:


excesivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈsɛsɪv//ɛkˈsɛsɪv//ɪkˈsɛsɪv/


  • 1

    (charges/price) excesivo
    (price/charges) abusivo
    • The method shuns excessive manipulation of film through lighting, sound or editing.
    • Many divers enter the water with excessive amounts of weight strapped on to them.
    • This morning I got to work and found that my account had been suspended for excessive data transfer.
    • Accident investigators also said Mr Willis had not been travelling at excessive speed.
    • I grant that this is real, but the risk they are proposing to take is excessive and unjustifiable.
    • Carlo rushed out to buy some flowers to put in the bedroom, which I thought was rather excessive.
    • As ever, we ended up drinking excessive amounts, albeit absorbed by plenty of food.
    • Vitamin A is dangerous in excessive doses and in extreme cases may trigger liver damage.
    • Her family complained that she was overactive and spending excessive amounts of money.
    • He said the bowling club left two or three years ago due to dwindling numbers rather than excessive rent.
    • He attempted to resolve his symptoms by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.
    • In terms of energy security, this heavy dependence on Russian gas is excessive.
    • Who can declare categorically that the expression of that outrage was excessive?
    • As he left the pub, the victim heard the sound of car engines revving up, causing excessive noise.
    • He has seen an increasing amount of traffic using the road, some at excessive speed.
    • Custard pies are one thing, but liquid pig waste was excessive, in my opinion.
    • Even water, salt and vitamins are bad for you if misused or taken in excessive doses.
    • To counter this argument it is necessary to show that excessive caution is a barrier to progress.
    • That seems a bit excessive to me, but ya know, these things have to be done.
    • We're not set up for it, in the same way we're not set up for excessive cold.
  • 2

    (demands/pressure) exagerado
    (praise/ambition/interest) exagerado
    (ambition/interest/praise) desmesurado