Translation of exclusive in Spanish:


exclusivo, adj.

Pronunciation: /ɪkˈsklusɪv//ɛkˈskluːsɪv//ɪkˈskluːsɪv/


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    (privileges/ownership/rights) exclusivo
    (interview/story) en exclusiva
    for his exclusive use para su uso exclusivo
    • to be exclusive to sth/sb
    • this style is exclusive to our store este es un estilo exclusivo de nuestra tienda
    • a feature exclusive to the English language una característica peculiar del inglés
    • it is exclusive to these islands se da exclusivamente en estas islas
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    (of high society)
    (gathering/club) selecto
    (gathering/club) exclusivo
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    the two proposals are mutually exclusive las dos propuestas se excluyen mutuamente
    • exclusive of sth excluyendo algo
    • £25 exclusive of postage and packing 25 libras sin incluir / excluyendo el franqueo y embalaje


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    exclusiva feminine
    • Unsurprisingly, many aspects of artistic expression were exclusive to the king, due both to his position and to the resources he commanded.
    • What about beaches exclusive to people in birthday suits?
    • The earlier presidencies had plenty of internal ideological rifts, but the incidence of scandal and investigation was not exclusive to one side or the other.
    • The reality is that one of the biggest mining industries in the world is exclusive in terms of ownership and employment equity.
    • Some blends are exclusive to a restaurant, such as Meringue White Tea - with nonfermented leaves - that she makes for Hyeholde
    • Both attract a wide mix of people, and they aren't exclusive to one part of the community.
    • This was surely an exclusive story unfolding right before my eyes.
    • The information was first leaked to one media outlet as an exclusive story.
    • When he recognizes her from a picture, Joe realizes that he has a perfect opportunity to write an exclusive story about her experiences in the city.
    • The hospital proposes to build a car park that would be exclusive to hospital staff and would accommodate 200 cars in order to allow the hospital grounds to be used by outpatients and visitors.
    • It challenges perceptions and at the same time builds a community which is not exclusive to disabled people.
    • As long as he can sell his exclusive story, write a book and sell the film rights he may well, as do most misfortunates in the media age, yet turn disaster into triumph.
    • It's not as if CNN had an exclusive story and chose to bury it.
    • The rest of the time, it's the result of under-paid hacks looking for the exclusive story that might just up their cheque for the month.
    • I've always believed that the questioning process is not something which is exclusive to the artist; it's something that we're all in engaged in.
    • After the tape was made, a copy would be sent to them with a threat to expose them in an exclusive story by Amanda for her old station.
    • Some games feature shooting, adventure and even racing elements all mixed up together and they do very well because most people are not exclusive to a single genre.
    • Their decisions are taken at faraway centres, and almost always adhere to a uniform policy framework applicable to all protected areas, thus neglecting issues exclusive to one area.
    • He encourages his reporters to unearth exclusive stories that will be of interest to the listening audience.
    • Lee, who turns 80 Tuesday, told the Sunday Times newspaper in an exclusive interview published Sunday that he will stay on as senior minister for as long as he can be of use to the cabinet.
    • This week on All in the Mind an exclusive story of one psychiatrist's 15 year battle with bipolar disorder, or manic depression.
    • To enter this realm is to fervently believe that such a physique is not exclusive to the genetically gifted but is attainable by anybody, young or old, male or female, fat or skinny, rich or poor.
    • I wonder how much she got for selling the exclusive story, with interview and photo shoot, and if that actually netted more cash than the act itself.
    • Depending on what system you purchase this year, you will also find unique features exclusive to your console.
    • Their view is that many of the birds and animals are exclusive to the river and its banks, so they are pleading with Roads Service to move the road northwards, away from the river.
    • The probe was prompted by an exclusive story published in yesterday's Guardian, which told of the alleged encounters and also of a plea by the girl's mother for justice.
    • Advertising deals get sealed over beers, exclusive stories get drunkenly blurted out, and crucial relationships for the year ahead might be forged over your next Manhattan.
    • Everybody has their mythic story, whatever it is, their own personal mythology that is exclusive to themselves and how they relate to the world.
    • The aim is to protect and maintain the unique and fragile environment of the important limestone pavements that are exclusive to the Dales region to prevent them being over-grazed by sheep.
    • CNN has obtained exclusive footage of the storm.
    • But if you do not have exclusive possession, then you have shared occupation.
    • They may use such information to write exclusive stories, but the ‘leaker’ may mislead reporters.
    • Their language was unique and exclusive to their sole tribe.
    • But, they would be compensated later with exclusive stories on new Air Force projects (a promise that was never kept).
    • And another $50 bill to match if he could get to Edwards - and let him know that he would pay $1,000 for his exclusive story.
    • We have obtained now some exclusive videotape of the inside of that theater.
    • The film follows the two men as they rub shoulders with some of the rich and famous at exclusive clubs, restaurants and other expensive venues.
    • This was before the premium class flights, five-star exclusive hotels, open-ended credit cards and huge expense accounts.
    • Fans of British fashion label Radley flocked to York yesterday to try and get their hands on the last ten bags available in an exclusive line.
    • The pair do not sell at markets anymore, but their clothes are available in the more exclusive surroundings of Selfridges and boutiques in Brick Lane and Notting Hill.
    • With rising costs of timber and skilled labour hard to find, woodcarvings have become expensive and the exclusive realm of the rich.
    • This is a very exclusive and very expensive club which is also a place to be seen.
    • The entire group travelled business class and stayed in some of China's most expensive and exclusive hotels, including the five star Shanghai Okura Garden and Beijing Palace.
    • Strangely, the very exotic, expensive, and supposedly exclusive island of St. Barths ranked 49 on the list of 50!
    • Club Castel, on Rue Princesse, is one of the most exclusive private members' clubs in Paris.
    • This was after they had wined and dined me: cruises around Manhattan, outings at exclusive country clubs, and many trips to expensive city restaurants.
    • Some banks even include free membership of exclusive clubs for their premium customers.
    • The last pocket of affordable mooring in the south's home of sailing could soon become an expensive marina and exclusive playground for the rich and famous.
    • There are 108 members of the assembly, and as with any membership of an exciting, closed-off and exclusive club they are treated appropriately.
    • Behind the curtain was an exclusive world catering to the upper class and the rich and famous.
    • That, plus the ‘posh sounding’ name of the restaurant, led to assumptions that it would be very exclusive and very expensive, neither of which is the case, he says.
    • Geisha parties are considerably more exclusive and expensive than the grandest British gentlemen's clubs.
    • As a result, tennis courts are popping up all over the country - in exclusive country clubs and expensive condominiums but also in more accessible sports clubs and in shantytowns.
    • They do not perceive the countryside to be cool and regard angling as exclusive and expensive.
    • But what about the upper middle classes who fill up corporate boardrooms, elegant drawing rooms and exclusive clubs?
    • A limited number of tickets are available for the exclusive event.
    • What he discovers - to the great surprise of the machines - is that self-interest and social responsibility need not be mutually exclusive.
    • Many people of a bohemian persuasion passed through her living room, from artists to drug addicts, not that those classifications were mutually exclusive.
    • If financial gain and civic betterment are mutually exclusive, the shrinking capital worth of a diminished investment must be gloriously virtuous indeed.
    • I think that the second point might be a little abstract to understand, but what is boggling my mind is are these two ideas that dictate our morality and state of mind mutually exclusive?
    • Add to that the pressures of the school reading curriculum, and children can perceive the ideas of ‘reading’ and ‘pleasure’ as mutually exclusive.
    • Obviously, I just have a very particular, specific point of view, but I don't feel that ambition and accessibility are mutually exclusive.
    • Therefore, though we distinguish between the many causes of suffering, we do not see those categories as existing in mutually exclusive settings.
    • Both of these explanations are plausible, but they are not necessarily mutually exclusive; both may be true to some degree.
    • Are fundamentalism and democracy mutually exclusive?
    • Rock and old-fashioned pop were mutually exclusive: the sort of song that would attract one part of the audience would invariably repel another.
    • ‘Defence of civil liberty and justice for all our community are not mutually exclusive but inseparable,’ he told conference delegates.
    • A third option, not mutually exclusive with option two, is working to create political change.
    • ‘Volume and quality are mutually exclusive.’
    • In the past 25 years, traditional modes of exposition have continued to exist alongside sometimes mutually exclusive competing theories.
    • The response options were not mutually exclusive, so an individual rated each one on a scale ranging from never to very often.
    • Pubs and culture are not mutually exclusive but can go hand in hand.
    • You'd be convinced that smart and sexy were mutually exclusive.
    • ‘Change and an understanding of one's history do not have to be mutually exclusive,’ Boyd summarizes.
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    (special product)
    exclusiva feminine
    modelo exclusivo masculine
    producto exclusivo masculine