Translation of execute in Spanish:


ejecutar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈɛksəˌkjut//ˈɛksɪkjuːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(carry out)

      (plan) ejecutar
      (plan) llevar a cabo
      (duties) desempeñar
      (duties) ejercer
      (orders) ejecutar
      (orders) cumplir
      Computing ejecutar
      • It executes program instructions, writes and reads information to or from memory, and accesses peripheral devices such as serial ports and disk controllers.
      • Modern microprocessors can execute three or more instructions per clock cycle.
      • Well, in this league, the players can only suggest and we go out and try to execute the game plan from the coaching staff.
      • Once you click OK, all of these commands are executed in order in the window shown in Figure 14.
      • According to O'Brien, UW's defensively-heavy game plan was executed to perfection in the opening portion of the game.
      • How well your startup or small business does has as much to do with your big idea as it does with the tools used to plan and execute your strategy.
      • That is why I had to devise all sorts of procedural and data checks to make sure that the work was executed correctly.
      • Colonel Casper's staff, aviators, and soldiers executed this mission with great professionalism.
      • Thankfully my plan was executed to perfection.
      • Keeping the enemy on his toes deters and interdicts his ability to effectively execute the chosen course of action.
      • Parsons has also demonstrated vision and can effectively communicate and execute strategic plans.
      • We must, therefore, commend the security forces for the way they executed the plans put in place by their superior officers.
      • You've got to give them the big picture, get them to believe in the team philosophy, and then execute the plan to achieve the results, which is winning.
      • Corruption arises primarily through the manipulations of middlemen and contractors who are used to execute these works.
      • Their orders: to start executing the plan the day the deal closes.
      • Emergency procedures should be executed in a timely manner, consistent with the nature of the emergency.
      • Every decision we make seeks to provide soldiers what they need to successfully execute the missions that we assign them.
      • Was he being richly rewarded for having faithfully executed what he was told to do?
      • With Code Morphing, the translation process can be optimized by looking at the generated code and minimizing the number of instructions executed.
      • Privilege Level means that the program can execute all CPU instructions.
      • A transactional leader is one who can plan and execute an implementation strategy with precision.
      • You are the ones to come up with the brightest ideas and physical energy to execute the hard work necessary to build our country.
      • Corporate PR pros helped plan and execute the strategy.
      • Rural road works are executed by a number of agencies in India with a multiplicity of objectives.
      • "This was a carefully co-ordinated operation which was executed successfully, " he said.

    • 1.2(perform)

      (turn/dance/movement) ejecutar
      Music interpretar
      • One soldier managed to successfully execute the somersault maneuver that most people are familiar with from the childhoods.
      • I protested that I had to enter the bus lane (which, incidentally, was bus-free at the time) to execute a left turn.
      • Entertaining the masses, though, isn't nearly as exhilarating as executing a perfect dive.
      • When this maneuver is properly executed, you can literally turn within one wingspan.
      • Usually performed by small groups of competing dancers, this segment is performed by a large group of dancers executing the steps in perfect syncopation.
      • When airborne and safely isolated from other traffic, he'd let me take the stick and execute cautious dives, climbs, and turns.
      • This third try was symptomatic of a day of off-load practice for Bradford as they were given maximum time and space to execute their manoeuvres.
      • We turned around and executed an emergency descent to 10,000 feet.
      • To make the change, you have to forget about where the ball is going and totally focus on learning how to execute the slide step.
      • Its virtuosic male performers towered impressively on stilts while executing complex choreography and astonishing feats of acrobatics.
      • Jamie executes a perfect jump turn beside me and asks innocently, ‘Are you all right, Daddy?’
      • Paddy's two goals were executed to perfection - they were quality finishes.
      • While figure skating involves graceful acrobatic manoeuvres with music in the background, the freestyle performer executes a set of movements tracing a figure on the floor.
      • He drove a very strong race pushing hard throughout and perfectly executing an overtaking manoeuvre over Michael that turned out to be decisive for us to finish third.
      • After executing the movement, lower the bar back slowly to the original position.
      • York were unprepared for Featherstone's short kick-off which they executed to perfection.
      • Occasionally, executing a standard manoeuvre such as a left turn would cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you would need to reinstall the engine.
      • The manoeuvre was expertly executed, the finish applied with an aplomb of which Ian would have been proud.
      • This was intense - the dancers working so hard that sweat was flying from them as they executed turns.
      • Wearing a less revealing tank top instead will still allow you to see just enough skin and muscle to properly execute your training movements.
      • Although he had time to shoot under Marshall, Luna swivelled and as the keeper bore down on him executed a dive of glorious artistic merit.

  • 2

    (put to death)
    (criminal/murderer) ejecutar
  • 3

    • 3.1(sign, seal)

      (will/legal document/contract) cumplir con las formalidades de
      • If he elects to have another person registered he shall execute an instrument of transfer of the share to that person.
      • No new beneficial interest is created in favour of the appellant or anybody else, and the property remains subject to the same trusts as it did before the instrument was executed.
      • If amount is in foreign currency, stamp duty is charged on the Irish equivalent according to the exchange rate prevailing on the day the instrument is executed.
      • So the rights, whatever they were, were created, at least according to the language of the documents, a week before the dutiable instrument was executed.
      • Once a security instrument is executed, says GMAC, it attaches immediately to all assets covered by that instrument.

    • 3.2(give effect to)

      (will) ejecutar