Translation of exertion in Spanish:


esfuerzo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzərʃ(ə)n//ɪɡˈzəːʃn/


  • 1

    esfuerzo masculine
    • The physical and mental exertions on Sunday may take its toll.
    • It was the Actress whom we'd met in the City, sweating profusely from her exertions and with a dirty smudge across a cheek.
    • But a sense of disquiet came over me when he began his exertions.
    • Someone had to be made happy by the exertions of this sad clown.
    • The physical exertions would plague him for days, never mind the damage it would wreak on his mental ability.
    • It's just unfortunate that their opponents will be underdone, most of them suffering from their exertions in Gosford five days previously.
    • Contemporary people, most of whom earn wages, expect their exertions to be rewarded not only by other humans but also by God.
    • His World Cup exertions have perhaps left him more mentally jaded than straining physically.
    • Signs of mental and physical fatigue after midweek exertions manifested themselves in some sluggish play from O'Neill's men early on.
    • By close of play at 3.30 p.m. daily they trooped home tired after their exertions but very contented and happy indeed.
    • Physical exertions have never really presented me with any challenge.
    • Filled with a zest for existence and coping with the exertions of a young wife and two kids, he is aware his work will see him live on long after he has shuffled off this mortal coil.
    • Nor shall there be any exertions or endeavours, obligations, nor any commissions received.
    • Yet having sat almost idle for the best part of two summers, no wonder his daydreams so readily drift to warmer days under the sunshine and exertions out on the field.
    • However, in the past few years Alan's health suffered from the exertions of running the service and he has not been able to meet visitors and club members to say goodbye.
    • After all the exertions of yesterday I felt it was unlikely that I would still be standing by 7pm, whether I'd been drinking or not.
    • Hence, the intellectual, mental, moral and physical exertions will be greater.
    • Dusty atmosphere and physical exertions are even otherwise extremely harmful for heart patients.
    • At one point it was feared Jessica might have to pull out after she fell ill with chickenpox, but she is making a good recovery and hopes to be in top shape for Sunday's exertions.
    • What he needs after such exertions is an ice bath, massage, rest and sleep.
  • 2

    (of authority, influence) ejercicio masculine
    (of force, strength) empleo masculine
    • It feels spindly, as if it will break with exertion of more force.
    • I rolled my eyes, giving into his exertion of force, and following him down the street back home.
    • With meditation a lot of exertion is necessary, but it cannot be forced.
    • I become adept in my own sphere of influence and exertion, at peace and without fear.
    • I could actually feel my entire body just sink along with my mattress, from his exertion of force.