Translation of exhibition in Spanish:


exposición, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛksəˈbɪʃ(ə)n//ɛksɪˈbɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of paintings, goods)
    exposición feminine
    her work is on exhibition in this gallery sus obras están expuestas en esta galería
    • before noun exhibition center / centre centro de exposiciones
    • exhibition hall salón de exposiciones
    • In 1956 he had an important group exhibition at the renowned Museum of Modern Art.
    • "He was a visionary in the real sense, " says the exhibition's curator Julie Lawson.
    • Bradford has trumped Los Angeles in the race to mount a major photographic exhibition.
    • One portion is a group exhibition featuring a number of site-specific installations.
    • Currently, an important museum exhibition exploring these works is traveling across the country.
    • They include exhibition catalogues, works on art theory and works on individual artists.
    • The new spring exhibition features two Highland artists with a fascination for the local landscape.
    • He has held several one-man exhibitions of his paintings.
    • Students from the industrial environmental degree course mounted an exhibition entitled ' environmental microbiology '.
    • Now, he is planning to hold a solo exhibition of his works.
    • Most recently, it was a photography exhibition space.
    • The exhibition also features a photographic quiz to test visitors' knowledge of Wiltshire.
    • Trade fairs and exhibitions, which herald every festival season, have already come up at various spots in the city.
    • He was known internationally for organizing numerous influential traveling exhibitions and for introducing to the mainstream many key avant-garde artists.
    • His most recent museum exhibition was held at the High Museum, Atlanta, in 1995.
    • The artist's latest exhibition included 18 box constructions, 13 sculptures and eight works on paper.
    • Darling Harbour is the site for many conference centres, exhibition halls and auditoriums.
    • It is part of the high-tech armoury used by the company to create visitor attractions, exhibitions, museum galleries as well as tourist information centres.
    • The international art exhibition is showcasing the works of as many as 11 artists from eight countries.
    • Richmond Town Hall will host a photographic exhibition, showing the 2nd Battalion between 1952 and 1956.
  • 2

    (of trait, quality)
    muestra feminine
    an exhibition of bad manners/courage una muestra de mala educación/valor
    • to make an exhibition of oneself dar un espectáculo
    • before noun exhibition match partido de exhibición
    • The Cork maestro gave a bewildering exhibition of all the skills of the game.
    • The Whirlwind isn't the only superstar involved in this exhibition match in Sligo.
    • A number of activities, demonstrations and exhibitions will take place during the day.
    • Brian Darcy represented the school and club in Croke Park in the skills exhibition.
    • An example of Armstrong's entrepreneurial skills was evident when he played an exhibition game in Ceylon.
    • There was an exhibition game played earlier this year in Galway.
    • Ollie Moran gave an exhibition of high fielding skills and Balla went on to record a merited victory.
    • He then proceeds to give me an exhibition of his skills - rhetorical not culinary.
    • An exhibition match featuring world class players will be staged in the near future.
    • There will be demonstrations and exhibitions of Ruskin lace, spinning and weaving, wood-turning and many others.
    • During the evening there were demonstrations and exhibitions by active members.
    • Then it was rather a trial of strength and endurance than an exhibition of skill.
    • Barton were by now completely demoralised and Malton put on an exhibition of skills which were of the highest order.
    • What a hurler this man is, as he gave an exhibition of how the game should be played to quite rightly scoop the man of the match award.
    • The students then gave bungy-jumping exhibitions around England.
    • An elbow injury, suffered in a tune-up exhibition game, short-circuited his power.
    • The team is planning an exhibition match at Moorhead High, on a date yet to be arranged.
    • The event would see the sport's top stars taking part in demonstration games and trick shot exhibitions on Friday before getting down to the serious business of the finals at the weekend.
    • The players later took part in an exhibition game before a large turnout at a local middle school.
    • Three days with nothing but minor league games, exhibitions, and an all-star contest.