Translation of exhilarate in Spanish:


llenar de júbilo, v.

Pronunciation /ɛɡˈzɪləreɪt//ɪɡˈzɪləˌreɪt//ɪɡˈzɪləreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make happy)
    llenar de júbilo
    we were exhilarated by our success el éxito nos llenó de júbilo
    • Where many would be exhausted, she's exhilarated, relishing the future and processing the past.
    • Though he was aware that the experience might kill him, he was also exhilarated to embark on his great Alaskan odyssey.
    • I was exhilarated by my ability to maneuver the steep climb.
    • As she stood on the white coral sandy floor of the ocean, she was exhilarated.
    • I was exhilarated and my father, although breathing hard, looked as good as I had seen him in years.
    • For the first time, I felt exhilarated by the idea of attending the Cup.
    • Still, I was exhilarated by the energy and intelligence of Roth's counterrage.
    • I was exhilarated by Joan of Arc's achievements and horrified by her demise.
    • These dinners exhilarated us as we were free, real, and creative together.
    • He said after the event that he was exhilarated and surprised that he never encountered a pain barrier and managed a sprint finish.
    • We are exhilarated by this growth, which reflects the vitality of orthopaedic sports medicine.
    • Marjorie's book will exhilarate you, because it is such a thorough de-masking of the indefensible.
    • Mrs. Trebond looked weary, but Angel could tell that she was exhilarated by the tell-tale flush on her cheeks.
    • This new world, and the challenges and characters it holds, both terrifies and exhilarates Paul.
    • When Blair had finally begun to comprehend how to go around maneuvering a horse she was exhilarated.
    • On the contrary, it uplifts and even exhilarates the reader.
    • Being robed for my doctorate alternately terrified and exhilarated me.
    • He was exhilarated by the workers' power that he found in Barcelona.
    • I was exhilarated to roll these subjects around in my mind like marbles in my hand, and play with their arrangement.
    • The top was down, and as he drove, a little too fast, I was exhilarated by the wind in my hair.
  • 2

    the walk exhilarated us la caminata nos tonificó