Translation of exit in Spanish:


salida, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛksɪt//ˈɛɡzɪt//ˈɛksət//ˈɛɡzət/


  • 1

    (way out from building, aircraft, motorway)
    salida feminine
    the rear exit la salida de atrás
    • Four exits and ten road signs later, and we pulled into Erie.
    • She called for better traffic light filter systems, widened access roads and more exits from the car parks.
    • Our suits were grimy, and I was bone tired as we sat near a rear exit to the building going over our treasures.
    • The exit to the road where I got off to go home was partially closed.
    • The bus driver is stopped at the end of the exit checking traffic to his left.
    • They will tower over drivers from either side of slip road exits and entrances at junction three for the 12-month trial period.
    • I realized I'd ignored the road signs for our exit.
    • The second door was to the left of the clerk and it was closed, as was the door leading deeper into the building, its green exit sign glowing brightly.
    • We saw the Lada come out of an exit further up the road and join the new one.
    • Jack wandered through the neighborhood in search of an exit to the main road.
    • We have to have a emergency exit sign over the door in case of fire.
    • York motorists have got used to the No Right Turn sign painted on the road at the exit to Museum Street.
    • She didn't say anything, instead, she just turned off an exit and onto a road I actually recognized.
    • The signs at the roundabout tell you to take the exit which joins the road you've just left.
    • Reduced to half its original height, the industrial chimney serves as structural support for the roof and emergency exit footbridge.
    • There was also a door directly across from her, and among all the exits from the room, she had no idea where to go.
    • Suddenly the entrance to the room and the exit were sealed off by stone doors.
    • The parents declined to comment as they entered the building yesterday morning and left through a rear exit.
    • They are used to secure entry and exits to buildings, to seal off some areas and protect others.
    • She was having trouble with her windshield wipers and pulled over to the right shoulder, stopping between the Avenue Road and Bayview Avenue exits.
    • Therefore we are calling on Waterford City Council to alter the entrances and exits at the Tramore Road roundabout in line with pedestrian and cyclist safety.
    • Access to the development will be via a purpose-built roundabout at the slipway exit to the town from the M4.
    • An exit from the palace led straight into the guild quarters.
    • I nodded, bored, taking a sideways glance towards the exit door from the building.
    • Theorton tried to decide which exit to take from the lobby.
    • This bus blocks the exit from the public car park resulting in vehicles using the entrance to exit.
    • The door as the entrance and exit of a building has a potent symbolic value.
    • Cameras were only positioned at the entrance hall, and wherever there was an emergency exit, which are rigged with alarms.
    • Sam turned on her heel and walked the other way, towards the rear exit of the building.
    • She tackled the drunken passenger, who tried to open the exit door as the Boeing 757 was speeding across a taxiway.
    • At the second roundabout, take the Sherrifmuir exit and follow the road for about 1.2km.
    • The blonde walked out of the room and toward the exits of the building.
    • One of the rules of the road is that you do not enter a yellow box junction unless your exit is clear or you're turning right.
    • He looked back to the road and noticed the exit was right in front of us.
    • Take first available exit off roundabout on to M6 at junction 38 towards Lancaster, Penrith.
    • On Tuesday, protests by striking janitors snarled downtown traffic and blocked exits on the Harbor and Pasadena freeways.
    • The main doorway downstairs was the only exit for the whole building, other then the fire escape.
    • I couldn't see any one coming out because the exit door had been cut off by fire.
    • It will also tell you when your freeway exit is coming, and if you're not familiar with the area, it will even tell you what side of the road the exit is on.
    • He left the courtroom through a rear exit to avoid a journalist.
  • 2

    (from stage) salida feminine
    (from stage) mutis masculine
    (from room, building) salida feminine
    (permit/visa) (before noun) de salida
    to make one's exit retirarse
    • there was no means of exit no había por donde salir
    • exit point salida
    • exit sign señal de salida
    • After following the car, he observed the driver making his exit through the passenger door.
    • I turned the engine on and made a swift exit from the people's place, after all, if the owner had come out front, there may well have been a query as to what I was doing in the driveway.
    • Good, they were staging their exits, so we wouldn't look suspicious leaving together.
    • The wife of a fellow runner works in the same place as him, and has related, with tears of laughter in her eyes, accounts of his exit from his car in the morning.
    • The Mayor made an unusual exit from the town's council offices - plucked from the balcony by firefighters.
    • The additional body length is incorporated behind the B-pillars, the longer rear doors aiding passenger entry and exit.
    • The prospect of his exit from the US also signals the end of a productive partnership with near-neighbour Stone, the cousin of film director Oliver Stone.
    • During the spring migration in the western Bering Strait, at the exit from the Gulf of Anadyr, whales moved over a broad front from near shore out to sea.
    • To guarantee their safe exit from the prison, they kidnap a female Supreme Court judge who is around to check whether those with death sentences are taken good care of.
    • Good goody bags ‘make you time your exit from a gala perfectly in order to get one.’
    • There would be a brisk exit from the blighted city, with a car towing an assortment of furniture, tools, pets and sometimes children.
    • He had good volume control, and made me think of TV evangelists but he was foaming at the mouth and blocking the exit from the shop.
    • The 108.9-km stretch will provide commuters an easy exit from the city.
    • It was close on 4 a.m. when we hit the road for the west, availing of the quiet streets of Dublin to make an easy exit from the city.
    • Having forgotten his baseball cap in a hasty exit from his home after siesta, he has to make do with a flimsy local newspaper to fend off the Mesopotamian sun's hot temper.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer mutis
    exit left salga / salir por la izquierda
    • exit Hamlet sale Hamlet
  • 2

    (from room, building)
    • He brought them to the side of the stream a ways away from the pit they had just exited from.
    • He finishes and leaves, and I exit a few seconds later.
    • The small old men exited from the dramatic scene ashen-faced.
    • They soon were ordered to exit into an overcrowded hallway.
    • Then, the ambassador and his wife exited from their craft and headed toward the Empress.
    • Each aisle was first entered and exited from the back of the store opposite the cashier counters.
    • One of them got out, ushering me to exit on the right side of the car.
    • Smiling, he brushed his lips against her cheek, and just as quietly exited from the room.
    • I exited the hallway leading to the terminal and stopped once outside of the line of departing passengers.
    • They both nodded and turned to exit, but Leaf stayed behind.
    • The man looked up, his eyes went wide, then he briskly exited the market.
    • The two boys ran up the winding staircase, passing several stories before exiting at the top floor.
    • Reed knew as he exited the building that behind every door that lined the hallway lay a different type of danger.
    • While I was waiting at the arrivals gate, a large group of people exited from the flight previous to the one I was waiting for.
    • I closed my eyes, waiting for him to exit, but he didn't.
    • The vessel exited from his view, spiraling out of control and plunging into the lake moments later.
    • They had just exited from the hair salon and were climbing down the stairs.
    • The trainee hooked up the long cord and exited from under the aircraft.
    • He exited from the room and touched the necessary button to close the gunroom.
    • We exit quietly together into the cavernous corridor.
  • 3

    (shaft/tunnel) desembocar
  • 4

    • Changing modes like this does, however, require that you then exit the program and restart it for the changes to take effect.
    • She quickly exited the program and turned her full attention to her friend.
    • A user can right-click on that to exit the program - thereby preventing it from recording Web surfing, e-mail and chat sessions.
    • Please quit all applications, exit Windows, and try again.
    • To exit the program, hit Alt-F again, and hit X or use the arrow keys to select Exit.

transitive verb

  • 1

    salir de
  • 2

    (room/building) salir de