Translation of experience in Spanish:


experiencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪkˈspɪriəns//ɪkˈspɪərɪəns//ɛkˈspɪərɪəns/


  • 1

    (knowledge gained)
    experiencia feminine
    to know sth by / from experience saber algo por experiencia
    • I know from my own experience lo sé por experiencia propia
    • I can only speak from my own experience yo solo puedo juzgar basándome en mi propia experiencia
    • a bitter experience una amarga experiencia
    • that hasn't been my experience ese no ha sido mi caso
    • experience of life experiencia de la vida
    • that week was the worst in her experience aquella fue la peor semana de su vida
    • The international vision is often based on earlier management experience and knowledge.
    • A great deal of training and experience is necessary to refine those technical skills.
    • She also worked in London, where she gained experience in the health and beauty industry.
    • Most probably the oil industry will want to use his experience and contacts in some broader role.
    • At 18 she started working in Ibiza and built up contacts and experience.
    • Not only does he have sound experience in organising major events, he is very familiar with the city and its local communities.
    • How did he gain the necessary experience in public relations consulting?
    • Others, however, who stay to gain management experience as officers and NCOs are highly regarded.
    • He said it was a pleasure to fish with such experts, who had 60 years fishing experience between them.
    • Our salaries and recognition of our professional skills and experience have been eroded over many years.
    • She said it was also necessary to have past experience of working in the show.
    • As training will be provided, no experience or skills are necessary, but they would be an advantage.
    • He will apply them with the benefit of his professional skill and experience.
    • The fact that I have experience in that field might help but I will only offer my advice if asked for it.
    • No experience is necessary, as professional instructors will provide full training.
    • She opted to gain more field experience as well as pay off debt acquired over four years.
    • We send officers abroad to gain experience and pass that knowledge to the other members.
    • He happened to be a barrister with considerable and very relevant professional experience and skills.
    • Along the way, your team gains experience and develops their skills.
    • In addition they will gain valuable experience which could help them find employment or training opportunities.
  • 2

    (professional, practical)
    experiencia feminine
    no previous experience required no se requiere experiencia previa
    • have you (had) any teaching experience? ¿tiene experiencia docente / en la enseñanza?
    • experience of computers an advantage se valorará experiencia en informática
    • We have no experience with the full 2005 aero package.
    • In fact my experience is that these boots are simply not waterproof.
    • In my experience most in fact do see their employees as being a valuable contribution to their business.
    • Start with observation, ordinary sensory experience of the world around you.
    • In fact, experience shows that intelligence extracted by duress is often flawed.
    • In so far as it goes, it is based on fact, experience and experiment.
    • None of this denies the epistemic role of experience, of observation, in scientific inquiry.
    • The fact that we need experience to grasp this meaning is irrelevant.
    • The Brits have in fact had first-hand experience and proved themselves worthy.
    • Here is one painful lesson learned from experience that I would like to pass on to others.
    • It's a sad fact that age and experience are no longer accorded a proper respect in our society.
    • It argues that observation and experience are keys to constructing and judging scientific theories.
    • In fact, direct experience can be a fast way for kids to learn the ropes of misleading ad campaigns.
    • Bill is never a paragraph away from an anecdote, and everything he says is rooted in experience and fact.
    • As time passed and his consciousness developed, he acquired knowledge by experience.
    • In fact, my experience on the ground in the region also highlights an extremely difficult road ahead.
    • The third chapter was particularly good, if only because I have a tiny amount of personal experience of events.
    • Students, as you may already know through experience or observation, do not have much money.
    • A couple of people on our steering committee had contacts and direct experience with people in Africa.
    • Does it draw accurately from our experience and whatever facts we can find?
  • 3

    (sth experienced)
    experiencia feminine
    a whole new experience for me una experiencia completamente nueva para mí
    • a religious/spiritual experience una experiencia religiosa/espiritual
    • a real gastronomic experience toda una aventura gastronómica

transitive verb

  • 1

    (live through, undergo)
    (delays/setback/loss) sufrir
    (difficulty) tener
    (difficulty) encontrarse con
    (change/improvement) experimentar
    to experience hardship pasar penurias
  • 2

    (pain/relief/pleasure) experimentar
    (pleasure/relief/pain) sentir