Translation of expert in Spanish:


experto, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɛkˌspərt//ˈɛkspəːt/


  • 1

    experto masculine
    experta feminine
    a scientific/medical/financial expert un experto en ciencia/medicina/finanzas
    • expert at sth/ -ing experto en algo/+ inf
    • expert on / in sth experto en algo
    • he's an expert on the subject es un experto / un perito en la materia
    • ask him, he's the expert pregúntale a él que es el experto
    • I'm no expert no soy ningún experto


  • 1

    (person/professional) experto
    Law pericial
    Law de peritos
    you'd better seek expert advice te conviene asesorarte con un experto
    • expert knowledge conocimientos de experto
    • she's an expert gardener es una experta jardinera
    • expert at sth/ -ing experto en algo/+ inf
    • Bleaching your teeth, say dental experts, causes as much damage as a can of fizzy drink.
    • They can get advice on a range of business subjects and can test their knowledge with the experts.
    • With experts predicting further rises, we show you how to cut your fuel bills this winter.
    • Some experts advise the use of wax or some other tacky substance to hold the dubbing in place.
    • Memory experts use visual mnemonics as a way of remembering lists of information.
    • Even experts do not agree on how best to use your vote to influence parliament.
    • No timescale has been set and the artist will be chosen in consultation with a panel of experts.
    • Industry experts believe the pain is likely to continue at least until the middle of this year.
    • He was widely regarded by colleagues as one of the leading experts in his field.
    • The street was cordoned off and forensic experts combed the area and the club for evidence.
    • Many of us attend post-budget breakfasts where we hear what the experts have to say.
    • From the way they had cut the paintings from their frames, it was clear they were not art experts.
    • He'd come home and tell us about talks they'd had at school from the police and other experts.
    • We asked the experts for tips on how to get a good deal on a buy-to-let mortgage.
    • Many experts who do not expect a crash think that house prices will stagnate for several years.
    • Buying rural property is a complex business that requires the help of genuine experts.
    • Fire experts are still trying to establish the cause of a blaze in which a man died.
    • Unless you are comfortable laying decks or paving, it's best to get the experts in.
    • In every area of life the experts are ready to smooth our path and tell us what to believe.
    • Army bomb disposal experts spent several hours examining the scene of the attack.