Translation of expiry in Spanish:


vencimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ɪkˈspʌɪri//ɪkˈspaɪ(ə)ri//ɛkˈspʌɪri/


  • 1

    vencimiento masculine
    caducidad feminine
    • They advise homeowners not to worry if their existing windows or doors do not comply with the new legislation - there is no expiry date on the old style glass.
    • In the case of a house valued at £135,000, on expiry of the lease the landlord can demand approximately £10,800 plus costs.
    • The original licence expiry date was to be 3rd November.
    • Following the plaintiff's termination and expiry of working notice, the defendant contracted some work out to the plaintiff.
    • I can't see what's wrong with an ‘automatic expiry date’ - laws are tough to remove from the statute books, laws which curtail freedoms should be watched.
    • Where the government has already granted the right to farm shellfish to non-Maori, agreements could be worked out on an individual basis and the contract re-negotiated on its expiry.
    • The expiry of the electoral integrity act will make this easier.
    • Upon expiry of their visas, the mother and daughter were unable to extend their stay in the country.
    • It is not too difficult for criminals to guess the card expiry date, which is required to validate a transaction, as these are issued in three-month blocks.
    • The notion of an injunction to restrain the use of an invention after the date of expiry of the patent to which it relates, seems anomalous, going against the very purpose of the patent system.
    • Most conscientious online retailers now ask for the three-digit security code on the back of the card in addition to the card number and expiry date.
    • Their campaign slogan is that justice has no expiry date - but they have waited a long time.
    • ‘Yes, I'd like to increase my credit limit,’ I say, once the formalities of the credit card number and expiry date are out of the way.
    • International students in those two provinces now have the option of working up to 20 hours per week in off-campus employment, and the one-year period before student visa expiry has been pushed up to two.
    • Accordingly the lease will continue until its contractual expiry date.
    • Member States are at liberty not to apply the six-year period beyond the date of expiry of a patent protecting the original medicinal product.
    • You will need a full passport, and it must have a minimum of six months remaining before expiry.
    • Please send me your credit card number, expiry date, your name (as it is written on the card), your address, and the three-digit security number on the signature strip.
    • In the case of periodic tenancies the legislature left landlords free to bring them to an end by the service and expiry of valid notices to quit.
    • A compensation scheme is being set up to reimburse those who have suffered personal financial loss due to expiry of tickets or unplanned accommodation costs.