Translation of expound in Spanish:


exponer, v.

Pronunciation: /ɪkˈspaʊnd//ɪkˈspaʊnd//ɛkˈspaʊnd/

transitive verb

  • 1formal


intransitive verb

  • 1formal

    to expound at length on / about sth hablar largo y tendido sobre algo
    • The Realist movement expounded the idea that art should rebel against the traditional historical, mythological and religious subjects in favour of unidealised scenes of modern life.
    • Apparently, he expounds virtues and morals yet he has little to none.
    • They also need to expound at length, to present their evidence and make their best argument.
    • Nichols and Duffy expound at length about these influences from the Enlightenment.
    • If Bruce expounds such views with a defiant gleam of vindication, it's understandable.
    • Over the next 30 years he contributed 78 papers to international journals, many of them expounding his own theory of molecular attraction.
    • I liked his recent article in the newspaper, expounding the theory of ‘Narrative Politics’.
    • Liberalism's virtues are expounded with elegance, and at times a rather terse satirical cut.
    • The task of studying, clarifying, and expounding doctrines is typically the responsibility of a literate, educated élite.
    • The Thomas Merton Center expounds a Buddhist pacifist philosophy, along with advocating nonviolent protests and civil disobedience.
    • Harry loved to talk and could expound eloquently on just about any topic.
    • In 1877, he expounded his theories on British prehistoric peoples in the book British Barrows written jointly with the famous barrow-opener William Greenwell.
    • Writing a monthly column usually means expounding on a single topic.
    • First, it is suggested that successive attempts to expound a Marxian theory of nature have see-sawed between naturalistic and social constructionist positions.
    • As well as his tours he published various essays expounding his ideas and methods.
    • They wanted me to expound on this topic because I had some decent ideas on the subject.
    • He used it as an opportunity to expound the idea of flexible integration.
    • Perhaps he will expound at greater length on the relationships among art, artists, and politics.
    • Jean Jacques Rousseau expounded the idea that government rested on a social contract.
    • Nardini wholeheartedly expounds the idea that those in the public eye are obliged to raise the profile of organisations who struggle to avert major crises.