Translation of expression in Spanish:


expresión, n.

Pronunciation /ɛkˈsprɛʃ(ə)n//ɪkˈsprɛʃən//ɪkˈsprɛʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(of feelings)

      expresión feminine
      to give expression to sth expresar algo
      • to find expression in sth expresarse a través de algo
      • as an expression of our thanks como muestra de nuestro agradecimiento
      • For example, women may be more likely to seek out support groups or develop other areas for expression, such as writing.
      • This was the first expression of emotion Katrina had witnessed from Mara, so she stood there shocked.
      • This sense of failure in turn leads to the expression of impatience and anger toward the bereaved person.
      • It's as if everything inside me has found expression all at once.
      • The bipartisan contempt for the needs of the working class also found expression in the reaction to the mayor's latest housing proposals.
      • For the modernist artist or writer, intellect had become a barrier to creativity and the expression of human emotion.
      • Our culture tends to block and suppress the healthy expression of deep emotions.
      • These words and actions were expressions of a deep unionist siege mentality and fear of being overrun.
      • It will teach you how to pinpoint the specific language she speaks and interprets as expression of love.
      • It found expression in ruthless exclusivism and hegemony.
      • Is it enough to consider the artifact as evidence of the problem solved, as an expression of the idea revealed?
      • The shift found expression in the political culture of the New Deal.
      • Anger is one of those emotions whose expression is sometimes subject to taboos, so people can grow up unable to recognize it.
      • Posts are written as a true expression of one's thoughts at the time.
      • He recognized the genuineness of her emotion and her expression of it, and changed as a result.
      • In the process, boys learn to repress emotion and inhibit the expression of personal feelings.
      • Rather, all this, in my opinion, is an expression of contempt for our environment and against the people in Galgate and Ellel.
      • His life shows that his unruly spirit found expression, joy, and satisfaction in scientific thinking and creation.
      • Needless to say, Haines has one or two grievances, and he's never been afraid to use his music to give them expression.
      • The theme Positive Emotionality was characterized by young fathers' positive expressions of emotions about their children.

    • 1.2(of face)

      expresión feminine
      his expression altered le mudó el semblante literary
      • He could see the shocked expression in her eyes turn to hurt.
      • His father's stern expression melts away, and a smile forms on his face too.
      • His puzzled expression changed quickly to a grin.
      • Harold's pained expression changed rapidly to one of anger.
      • Jade nodded with a contemplative expression and led him down to the lower floors.
      • Noticing her worried expression, the new boy walked up to her.
      • Trent rolled his eyes but smiled when he saw Ally's puzzled facial expression.
      • His expression hardened and he met her golden gaze with a crystalline blue one.
      • His dark eyes were pleased with the expression of horror written on her face.
      • The man's expression betrayed an undercurrent of suspicion and mistrust.
      • Walter sat and watched Richard's pensive face as he read, which eventually led to an expression of horror and fury.
      • When he came back to our room he wore a pained expression on his face.
      • Mother's expression brightened when she saw Michael.
      • I spotted my friends at our usual table with perplexed expressions upon their faces.
      • Even Reagan had a puzzled expression upon her face.
      • The girl's expression turned from grief to anger yet again.
      • The realization that Kenny went with the girls soon set in and his mother's expression turned to worry.
      • Miguel saw her happy facial expression falter and knew something was up.
      • Her sobs died away, her pained expression softening.
      • The man's apologetic expression melted into recognition.

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    • 2.1Linguistics

      expresión feminine
      • The first two are internal, one with simple word stems and the other with complex or idiomatic expressions.
      • They converse in strange tongues, using words and expressions that are totally alien to me.
      • She loves interesting expressions, intriguing phrases and gets very excited when I describe a character in the book as a diamond geezer.
      • It also contains one of the most comprehensive glossaries of local words and expressions to be found outside specialist books.
      • Linking r, common in many non-rhotic dialects of English, occurs in New England in expressions like the idea/r of it.
      • To increase the bamboozling affect I like to throw in words and expressions I hardly ever used when living in Australia.
      • We all start out using the simplest expressions and watch our phrases become increasingly more precise.
      • Everyday we receive more than 200 words and expressions, some of them are even disappearing phrases.
      • I had asked him for permission to proceed, as I need to consult with him in matters of expressions and code words used by teens.
      • It might not be a bad idea to review your own favorite phrases and expressions occasionally and replace them with fresh variations.
      • He scatters his French with convenient English words and expressions and has an infectious humour which translates well.
      • Mother had other words and expressions that I have never heard used by anyone else.
      • As a result, many of the phrases and expressions were translated into something very different in the subtitles or dubbing.
      • In other words they are expressions that generally need explanations to be understood.
      • His stated object was to remove from the works ‘only those words and expressions which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family’.
      • He has a thing for knock-knock jokes with no punch line and often misuses words and expressions.
      • Whenever I used new words and expressions in my poems, my teacher would ask where I learnt them from.
      • What about all those words and expressions that are absolutely untranslatable?
      • Spurred by fashion, an increasing number opt to sprinkle our daily Bahasa Indonesia with foreign words and expressions.
      • The emphasis is on learning simple words and expressions while building vocabulary rather than grammar.

    • 2.2Mathematics

      expresión feminine
      • Napier also found exponential expressions for trigonometric functions, and introduced the decimal notation for fractions.
      • The first book studies generating functions and also approximations to various expressions occurring in probability theory.
      • Since the algebraic expressions for the roots z are rather complicated, we use numerical approximations from here on.
      • These calculations not only involved difficult mathematical expressions but also dealt with heavy arithmetical calculations.
      • The function is also most often described using a formula, in the form of an algebraic expression.

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    expresión feminine
    you need to get more expression into your voice tienes que darle más expresión a la voz