Translation of extant in Spanish:


existente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛkst(ə)nt//ɛkˈstant//ˈɛkstənt//ɪkˈstant//ɛkˈstænt/



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    • Paintings of Maitreya are virtually nonexistent, but statues of him are still extant.
    • Given that I have no extant close family, I get off relatively lightly I know.
    • Fossil salamanders are known from most extant families, as well as four extinct families.
    • First, Wood reviews the extant literature in order to present a short biography.
    • It contains some 60 percent of Hyde's extant poems, dozens of which have not been seen before.
    • With an abundance of remains there are ample extant buildings and artefacts in situ.
    • Manuscripts in Greek and manuscripts of translations from the Greek into Latin, Syriac, and Coptic are extant.
    • Another ambition was to categorise the meagre extant material held in archives.
    • As the world's only extant empire of law and justice, we also have the right and responsibility to do it.
    • True, it's not as if there isn't already a massive body of work extant on the subject.
    • No planning permission granted has ever been implemented and none remains extant.
    • The oldest extant example of a local Egyptian map is the Turin papyrus which dates from around 1300 BC.
    • Pieter Bruegel the Elder is known far and wide for his thirty-five or so extant paintings.
    • The document is an extant work of that most postmodernist of enterprises, the law.
    • This group is represented by a single extant species which is thought to be the sister taxon to all other frogs.
    • High Street and Old Market Street are among the oldest streets extant in the town.
    • The final extant edition ends four weeks before her death in 1895.
    • Grieg was a pianist rather than violinist and his only extant string quartet came at a time of a rumoured affair between his wife and older brother.
    • In comparative studies using model organisms, extant taxa are often referred to as basal.
    • Most of the silicified microbes, however, lack the key features that would allow accurate comparisons with extant taxa.