Translation of external in Spanish:


externo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛkˈstəːn(ə)l//ɪkˈstərnl//ɪkˈstəːn(ə)l/


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    (appearance/sign) externo
    (sign/appearance) exterior
    (wall) exterior
    (treatment/wound) externo
    [ S ]for external use only de uso externo
    • Not at all, as long as the roots are embedded in healthy tissues that bathe the external surface and offer it nutrition, it is very much a healthy tooth.
    • In short, the external structure of the building is practically complete, the rest of the work will focus on the interior fixtures and fittings, tiling the pool tank and installing the plant equipment.
    • Reversing the traditional discipline of the external surfaces, he paints internal dimensionality coming from within.
    • Strong themes of light and transparency are evident throughout the structure, including extensive use of silver on the external walls.
    • The thorax shows the external surface of the anterior half of the axial rings and of the inner portions of the pleurae.
    • This arrangement of the ommatidia gives a smooth appearance to the external surface of the eye.
    • The external diagonal steel structure uses triangular forms to be inherently strong, permitting a flexible column-free interior space.
    • Finally, the blade of the scapula in procolophonoids is not long, narrow and rectangular as in this specimen, and does not bear a longitudinal ridge on its external surface.
    • The wall and roof glazing is suspended under the external steel structure by means of point fixings.
    • Water was collected from the external surface of the wall when surrounded by a saturated atmosphere while P was developing.
    • This is not quite as grand and expensive as it sounds, for the cladding is a thin layer of copper over building felt, giving at close range a delicately textured dimpled external surface.
    • Heavy winds exert a load on the external walls of the structure, thus affecting the construction technology.
    • The dark metal is just visible through a translucent external wall made of gauzy stretched fabric.
    • The framing materials should take second place to the insulation performance of the glass, as these glazed panels are in structural terms - external walls.
    • Only the external walls remain, structurally stabilized by a steel plate that runs around the rim of the brick shell.
    • In this, our first living anatomy class, we try to find on each other the external signs of the structures we've seen under the cadaver's skin.
    • The antigen was more abundant in the zone adjacent to the plasma membrane than in the zone closer to the external wall surface.
    • The center pin is surrounded with a ring of shield pins attached to the external surface of the bottom wall of the module housing.
    • It is clear on the evidence that this settlement related only to the external appearance of the walls.
    • In the next few weeks the roof, outer cladding and external works will be added.
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    (influence/aid) del exterior
    (pressure/evidence) externo
    (accountant/opinion) independiente
    to be external to sth ser ajeno a algo
    • Yet these apparent improvements in ethical standards represent an unbalanced concentration on an external morality for medicine.
    • I think they've got support from external sources.
    • The most common cause of hip labral tears is the application of an external force on the hyperextended, externally rotated hip.
    • It is likely that such fluids were derived from crystallizing melts and no external source is necessarily required.
    • We hypothesized that the source and term of external debt affects farm production decisions and, consequently, efficiency.
    • Lawyers for the five had argued that the legal defence of necessity should treat serious harm from an external source equally with pain, both physiological and mental, suffered by a sick person.
    • I'm a ‘departmental’ PhD student, not part of a formal programme, so supervisors are really the only ones that provide external structure to my work.
    • What often stands out is relative disarticulation between the workplace and external union structures, with the left stronger in the latter than the former.
    • In contrast, the antiglobalization agenda largely is external to the formal political structures in Canada.
    • Those who report, not to proper authorities, but to external sources abuse their positions of trust, he said.
    • With the exception of South Africa, expenditures on HIV / AIDS in these countries are financed mainly by external sources.
    • The company blamed this largely due to external variables and a system structure.
    • The project's funding would thus come entirely from external sources and without the need for any subsidy, loan or equity from the Jakarta authorities.
    • As his case studies show, Damodaran takes full cognisance of that challenge, and also the other challenge, emanating from external trade sources.
    • In a generator, the source of energy is external.
    • This answers some of the structural issues associated with the organisation in terms of an internal / external management structure
    • This will help us bid for funds from external sources to help cover some of these costs,’ he added.
    • But probably the most important contemporary trend is the development of a culture where people are encouraged to see themselves as the victims of harmful external agents or culpable agencies.
    • How can the university be subject to market tests, be continuously dependent on external sources for funds, and be independent?
    • And we are to accept as a fact that not everybody can deal with the source external market.
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    (affairs/policy/trade) exterior
    (debt) externo
    • In one way or another, these external institutions are powerful in producing conformity.
    • The main objective is to stop the farmers' dependence on external agencies and make them contribute towards protection of natural resources.
    • Mr Simfukwe said the bank was also trying to reopen credit lines with some external financial institutions to increase its capacity to contain the demands for finance.
    • The euro offers a basis for a similar performance in the international monetary system, but only if the institutions for external monetary policy are adequately reformed.
    • We think that they may have been influenced by external sources, from outside Britain.
    • Night patrols, especially during the breeding season, are called for but subject to Council sourcing external funding.
    • Proposals for projects funded by overseas bodies may be written by external consultants and presented to local groups for implementation.
    • This, he believes, has fuelled a certain willingness on their part to become Christians, and to subordinate themselves to external agents and institutions.
    • The external funding bodies had no input into protocol development, data collection, or analyses or interpretation.
    • In addition to the expectations of domestic constituencies, Lula must confront the antagonistic pressures of external interests and institutions.
    • Thus, the pro-construction clans made use of the French legal system and external capitalist institutions to support their claims and efforts.
    • If the Treaty of Waitangi were ruled to come under the external affairs power, for example, it would be subject to interpretation in Canberra.
    • To lock one's legal system into principles deriving from an external legislature is the opposite of a nationalist - and also the opposite of a democratic - option.
    • One of the most striking contrasts between the 196Os and the 1980s was a growing familiarity with external services and institutions.
    • The formal education system had familiarized them with external institutions and norms, including the need for cash.
    • If one looks hard enough, one can even find beginnings of modernisation of internal and external institutions in the Middle Eastern heartland.
    • According to the report, the ministries of external affairs, finance, labour and commerce have already agreed on the draft agreement on the protocol to be signed with the US.
    • Internal management within most firms was weak, and external institutions within the town were strong.
    • The appropriate envelope then went to an external medical officer.
    • The source of water could be from the planned Syrian / Jordanian Unity Dam on the Yarmuk or other external sources such as the Litani and Awali Rivers in Lebanon.
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    school University
    (examiner) de otra institución académica
    (student) libre
    • He took a correspondence course and was awarded First Class Honours from the University of London in 1926, having been an external student.
    • For example, a student entering University College, Southampton to read economics would in fact be reading for a University of London external degree.
    • In parallel with this, he had also entered the lists as an external student of London University and obtained their pass-level B.D. degree in 1912.
    • Along with the demands of teaching and co-ordinating Charles Darwin University's new external law degree, there hasn't been much time or energy left over for blogging.
    • He used his time in prison to gain an external BSc degree in economics from the University of London.
    • Britton graduated from Hull in 1950, although at that time Hull could not award its own degrees and so Britton graduated with an external University of London degree.
    • Expelled from university for his radical policies, Lenin managed to complete his law degree as an external student in 1891.
    • In fact before this Richardson had returned to university study and obtained a B.Sc. in psychology as an external University College, London, student in 1929.
    • This was the only way that the students could do their exams as all the other schools refused to take them in to sit the examinations as external students.
    • Universities incur additional costs to hold residential schools to teach external students.
    • Until then the students of these colleges had been prepared for external London degrees: under the new charter, the university awarded its own.
    • He was compelled to take an external London degree at the fledgling University College, Leicester.
    • A convinced Christian, with a longstanding interest in things Greek, he became an external student of Hull University, to study the New Testament.
    • However by this time he did want to study mathematics further and so he registered as an external student at the Saratov Pedagogic Institute.
    • She was also continuing her own personal development, studying finance at Ramkamheng University as an external student, finishing with an MBA with a finance major.
    • In 1934 he was appointed a lecturer in mathematics at University College, Hull, which at that time awarded University of London external degrees.
    • Grave pleaded with the educational trust to allow Ostrowski to study at university, even suggesting that he might be allowed to be an external student.