Translation of extinct in Spanish:


extinto, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛkˈstɪŋkt//ɪkˈstɪŋkt//ɪkˈstɪŋ(k)t/


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    (animal/species) extinto
    (animal/species) desaparecido
    (volcano) extinto
    (volcano) apagado
    to become extinct extinguirse
    • The talk in the lecture theatre on Saturday at 1.30 pm will look at living animals as well as extinct species revealed in some of the rarest fossils.
    • These affections are leaving the world like the colors of extinct birds, like the songs of a dead language.
    • What kinds of extinct species had once belonged to the groups?
    • Still, is it unethical or immoral to bring an extinct species back from the dead?
    • Most paleontologists now agree this member of an extinct group of birds is not the ancestor of any group of modern birds, nor is it a link between reptiles and birds.
    • I'm sure he's right that the giant panda could go extinct without materially affecting human existence.
    • On the eastern side of the bluff, the bones of extinct species of bison attest that the promontory was once used as a buffalo jump.
    • Just to the west of Mount Schank, an extinct volcano created a series of deep sinkholes, which harbour some unusual life forms.
    • Because of the unusual pattern of speciation preceding extinction, the region contained a mix of extinct and living species through the period of change.
    • A Lancaster woman is to hike 6,000 metres up to the summit of an extinct volcano.
    • Wilson is a natural orator, and the finest passages in the book are elegiac songs of life and wistful recollections of lost habitats, extinct flora and fauna.
    • The Victorian Bird Collection includes a diverse array of specimens from around the world including rare and extinct species.
    • El Laco is an extinct volcano of pure magnetite!
    • Granted, this species is extinct, but not that long ago, they filled this island.
    • Visually, the city keeps you enthralled, with its setting atop a series of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags.
    • Endangered or extinct species such as the small panda and the monk seal are on display.
    • This study indicates a habitat and ecological polarity of this extinct species different from its nearest living relatives.
    • He also included several extinct genera in this family, some of which have a pyramidal spire.
    • We were pleased to read recently that efforts are being made to re-establish an almost extinct species in Kerry.
    • She has also been working with Yellowstone National Park to help realize her pet project on extinct species.
    • It is the first time an extinct species has been reintroduced into the UK.
    • The islands are low coral caps surmounting submerged extinct volcanoes.
    • With excessive fishing, these species are almost extinct.
    • But the related species of one extinct group, the glyptodonts, had a single-piece carapace similar to that of tortoises.
    • Five species are now extinct and 15 have been lost from over half their range.
    • Today, many of these species are ecologically extinct from their former ranges and large mammals are absent from most coastal ecosystems.