Translation of extrovert in Spanish:


extrovertido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛkstrəˌvərt//ˈɛkstrəvəːt/


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    • A very jolly extrovert personality, Eileen enjoys the social aspect of the game and she is hugely popular with her sporting friends.
    • I also worked with the costume designer, the make-up girl and the hairdresser to define a look that matched Julie's extrovert personality.
    • Standing in front of a camera with that much flesh on show I suppose you've got to be pretty extrovert and confident.
    • I'm much more outgoing and extrovert, like an excited Labrador.
    • Even the most extrovert social butterfly sometimes needs to flutter away from the public gaze.


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    extrovertido masculine
    extrovertida feminine
    • On the other hand, there are also children who are complete extroverts and very confident.
    • Ida Worthington, and her husband Fred, who died 15 years ago, were larger-than-life extroverts.
    • The extroverts need to socialize, the introverts dread it.
    • Instead, it's a private party with added cars, attracting extroverts and speed freaks from various walks of life: motorsport professionals, models, musicians, artists.
    • In taste terms, it was almost over-the-top, like having too many extroverts at a dinner party, spirited but good fun.
    • If you are outgoing, an extrovert, then consider careers that give you a chance to be in the spotlight such as management, politics or teaching.
    • There are also shy extroverts, who function well in typical social situations but become diffident in intimate encounters or in situations where it is not possible to follow a social script.
    • Of course, I was around a large crowd of extroverts, and my being the only quiet one in the group had its down sides.
    • On the surface he was an optimistic extrovert, preaching freedom of conscience and religion; but underneath he was a brooding pessimist, with intransigent, darkly mystical views about the drama of human history and sexuality.
    • ‘Dick's an extrovert who is passionately committed to football,’ offers Ian.
    • Stravynski's gang has transformed many wallflowers into extroverts.
    • I always thought extroverts had more than 3 friends.
    • Also, I don't think that it's safe to assume that extroverts have particularly effective social skills.
    • Are there canny advantages to being socially averse that the extroverts among us never see?
    • Still, we endure stoically, because the etiquette books - written, no doubt, by extroverts - regard declining to banter as rude and gaps in conversation as awkward.
    • I've always been an extrovert, the joker in the pack,’ he admits.
    • Anyhow, the people there are so different to my colleagues and many of my friends who are largely creative extroverts.
    • If he were a spy, he certainly did not stand out from the crowd, though some have described him as an extrovert.
    • Natural extroverts have had the benefit of a lifetime's experience and are perfectly at home in their ‘charged’ state.
    • Introverts have figured out that if they leave socializing to the extroverts they'll end up at the bottom of the pile.