Translation of exuberant in Spanish:


exuberante, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪɡˈz(j)uːb(ə)r(ə)nt//ɛɡˈz(j)uːb(ə)r(ə)nt//ɪɡˈzub(ə)rənt/


  • 1

    (vigorous, profuse)
    (foliage/style) exuberante
    • He was just 40, and in this rural idyll he began to paint landscapes filled with lush, exuberant nature.
    • Prune as needed to keep the exuberant foliage from casting unwanted shade on neighboring plants.
    • His exuberant style and strong narrative add to his creative substance.
    • The rococo style is characterized by exuberant decoration and ornament frequently based on such natural motifs as shells, rocks, flowers, and leaves.
    • His versatile and exuberant style captured the attention of galleries and collectors across the United States and more than 700 of his paintings sold in three years.
    • Along with a love of warm weather, they bring the exuberant look of tropical abundance.
    • There are myriad greens in this landscape but in winter the new growth brings forth a richer than rich green - a vibrant, exuberant, vivid celebration of green.
    • Derain's lifelong versatility is evident in his far less exuberant but still cheerful riverscape, The Pool of London, painted at about the same time.
    • His style is clear and exuberant, his opinions, whether we agree with them or not, are expressed forcefully, often with humour and a little gentle malice.
    • Constructed of pine, its painted surface is an exuberant expression of the artist's imagination and creativity.
  • 2

    (character/person) desbordante de vida y entusiasmo
    she was in exuberant high spirits estaba eufórica
    • She was in her usual exuberant mood.
    • She maintains the cheerfully exuberant demeanor all through the session, especially when showing me the pictures.
    • The second time, he covered the same material and used the same textbook, but made a big effort to be more exuberant, adding hand gestures and varying the pitch of his voice.
    • His eyes glint and dart with mischief, his gestures are as exuberant as his rhetorical flourishes.
    • However, at most music shows these days, organisers and security personnel don't seem to mind exuberant youngsters climbing onto their chairs, just to wave and sway, keeping time to the music.
    • The quietness doesn't promise the coming of an exuberant crowd.
    • Mary Tyler Moore looked wonderful, and the hat toss was exactly the right exuberant gesture.
    • He had never seen his manager so animated or exuberant.
    • Though exuberant, the crowd assembled fell far short in number from the masses that gathered in 1963.
    • Women came driving donkeys and weaving straw; children climbed by their sides, full of exuberant chatter.
    • However, to those uninitiated into Clive's plans and untouched by his exuberant enthusiasm, there seems to be a bit of a problem.
    • To feel sad and depressed is an undesirable life; to feel exuberant and full of zest is the way life ought to be lived.
    • The 16-year-old Canadian turned a relatively oblivious crowd into exuberant fans with his incredible stage show.
    • The mood of the crowd was very cheerful and exuberant.
    • He is an exuberant young man full of energy.
    • The folk dances were a bit bouncy, rather than earthbound, but done with exuberant energy.
    • They don't even try to fit in with the younger, more exuberant and well-dressed crowd.
    • Everyone looked fit and well and appeared to be in supremely good health as well as exuberant and excited mood.
    • Fisticuffs, drinking, and also mockery of power-holding elders were expressions of the exuberant energy of the young.
    • She was normally exuberant and excited to be seeing him at the end of a long, hard day.