Translation of eye in Spanish:


ojo, n.

Pronunciation /ʌɪ//aɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1Anatomy

      ojo masculine
      he has blue/sad eyes tiene los ojos azules/tristes
      • to have good eyes tener buena vista
      • to have sharp eyes tener (una) vista de lince
      • a glass eye un ojo de vidrio
      • eyes front/right! ¡vista al frente/a la derecha!
      • as far as the eye can/could see hasta donde alcanza/alcanzaba la vista
      • in the twinkling of an eye en un santiamén
      • to give sb a black eye ponerle a algn el ojo morado
      • visible to the naked eye que se puede ver a simple vista
      • do not look at the sun with the naked eye no mire el sol sin protección
      • an eye for an eye ojo por ojo
      • I can't believe my eyes si no lo veo, no lo creo
      • I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her me quedé helada / no daba crédito a mis ojos cuando la vi
      • to be all eyes mirar lleno de curiosidad
      • to be one in the eye for sb
      • that was one in the eye for the competition con eso le dieron por las narices a la competencia
      • to be sb's eyes and ears
      • our reps are our eyes and ears in the market nuestros representantes son los que nos tienen al tanto de lo que pasa en el mercado
      • to close / shut one's eyes to sth cerrar los ojos a algo
      • to cry one's eyes out llorar a lágrima viva / a mares
      • to feast one's eyes on sth deleitarse / recrearse mirando algo
      • to go into sth with one's eyes closed meterse en algo a ciegas
      • I went into it with my eyes wide open me metí sabiendo muy bien lo que hacía
      • to have a roving eye ser muy mujeriego
      • he has a roving eye se le van los ojos detrás de las chicas
      • to have eyes in the back of one's head tener ojos en la nuca
      • (to avoid danger, problems) to keep one's eyes open andarse / ir con cuidado
      • (looking for sth) keep your eyes open for a restaurant vete mirando / fíjate bien a ver si ves un restaurante
      • to keep one's eyes peeled / skinned (to avoid danger, problems) andarse / ir con mucho ojo
      • to make eyes at sb hacerle ojitos a algn
      • to open sb's eyes abrirle los ojos a algn
      • to open sb's eyes to sth hacerle ver algo a algn
      • this opened my eyes to her true nature esto me hizo ver cómo era realmente
      • usually with negative to see eye to eye with sb estar de acuerdo con algn
      • with one's eyes shut / closed (easily) con los ojos cerrados
      • I can do it with my eyes closed lo puedo hacer con los ojos cerrados
      • to be up to one's eyes in sth estar hasta aquí de algo
      • I'm up to my eyes in work estoy hasta aquí de trabajo
      • we're up to our eyes in debt estamos cargados de deudas
      • before noun at eye level a la altura de la vista
      • eye level oven horno alto
      • The lens of the human eye is a stiff gel of transparent protein, inside an elastic capsule.
      • The system's light source is invisible to the human eye, thus increasing operator comfort.
      • We learnt about the priorities between getting in the harvest or losing the sight of an eye in the Third World.
      • Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can lead to damage to the eye's optic nerve and result in blindness.
      • Emergency treatment is required to preserve the sight of the eye.
      • Before closing my eyes I catch sight of a notice posted on the dormitory door.
      • It can result from a variety of diseases, disorders, and injuries that affect the eye.
      • Eight of the eye injuries were caused by the stick, two by body contact, and two from fighting.
      • Hold the mirrors of the homemade apparatus close to the eyes and see the left eye in the right mirror and vice versa.
      • Glaucoma is more common in old age, and happens when the optic nerve in the eye is damaged.
      • It would be nice to have all the functionality of the human eye without a blind spot.
      • Kiri is registered blind after inheriting an eye disease from partially sighted Daphne.
      • It is a disease of small blood vessels in the retina of the eye.
      • This is beyond the capacity of the human eye, which may explain why so many offside decisions are controversial
      • Glaucoma is a disease in which pressure in the eye slowly damages the optic nerve.
      • Malignant melanoma can also affect the choroid of the eye, the layer just under the retina.
      • Abnormal copper deposition also occurs in the basal ganglia and eyes.
      • In addition, damage to retinal layer blood vessels of the eye can result in blindness.
      • They believe the optic nerve in short sighted eyes might be more vulnerable to computer stress.
      • She is now completely blind in her right eye, her sight will never be restored and she faces a further operation next month.

    • 1.2(look, gaze)

      mirada feminine
      his eyes turned toward her volvió la mirada / la vista hacia ella
      • under the watchful eye(s) of the teacher bajo la atenta mirada del profesor
      • to cast / run one's eye over sth recorrer algo con la vista
      • all eyes were on her todas las miradas estaban puestas en ella
      • before my very eyes ante mis propios ojos
      • and now, before your very eyes, ... y ahora, a la vista de todos, ...
      • to catch sb's eye
      • the carpet caught my eye la alfombra me llamó la atención
      • he caught my eye at the party me fijé en él en la fiesta
      • nothing caught my eye in the store no vi nada que me llamara la atención en la tienda
      • I tried to catch his eye intenté llamar su atención
      • can you catch his eye? hazle una seña a ver si te ve
      • these colors really catch the eye estos colores son verdaderamente llamativos
      • to have one's eyes on sb/sth no quitarle los ojos de encima a algn/algo
      • in one's eyes para él (/ mí etc. )
      • in Mary's eyes he's perfect Mary lo encuentra perfecto
      • in the eyes of the Law ante la ley
      • to keep one's eye(s) on sth/sb
      • keep your eyes on the road! ¡no apartes la vista de la carretera!
      • keep your eyes on him no lo pierdas de vista
      • to look sb straight in the eye mirar a algn directamente a los ojos
      • she won't look me in the eye no se atreve a mirarme a la cara
      • I was too ashamed to meet her eyes me daba vergüenza mirarla a los ojos / la cara
      • their eyes met sus miradas se encontraron
      • he has eyes only for her no tiene ojos más que para ella
      • he couldn't take his eyes off her no podía quitarle los ojos de encima
      • I took my eyes off the case for a second and it was gone me distraje / me despisté un momento y la maleta voló
      • a story seen through a child's eyes una historia vista a través de los ojos de un niño
      • seen through her eyes ... tal como ella lo ve/veía ...
      • through Christian eyes desde una perspectiva cristiana
      • easy on the eye agradable a la vista
      • to give sb the eye/ the glad eye hacerle ojitos a algn
      • to hit sb in the eye (be eye-catching, rebuke) llamarle la atención a algn
      • to keep an eye on sth/sb vigilar / cuidar algo/a algn
      • keep an eye on those two vigila a esos dos
      • to lay / set / clap eyes on sb/sth
      • from the moment I set / laid / clapped eyes on it desde el primer momento que lo vi
      • I was 13 when I first set eyes on her tenía 13 años cuando la vi por primera vez
      • to turn a blind eye (ignore) hacer la vista gorda
      • to turn a blind eye to sth hacer la vista gorda frente a / ante algo
      • When he is onscreen, your eye stays with him, oblivious to the mise en scene.
      • Even a Reading shopping centre can hold the eye when its glass facade and the canal's surface mirror each other.
      • Stevens' vision caught their collective eye, and he was named a semi-finalist in July.
      • With an intense eye, he gazes like a spirit guardian, across the valley to the ruins of Runku Raqay, an old Inca outpost.
      • Even a lowly salad fork that needs lining up does not escape David's sharp eye.
      • Her piercing grey eyes darted about the room, still in search for a seat.
      • She was examining the peaches carefully, one eye for a good peach, the other on the bad daughter.
      • There will be eager eyes to spot the errant hen's nests and collect the eggs as well as help with the usual chores.
      • Bless our eyes with vision, that we may see our lives and the life that you give us.
      • The caisson is made of wood, but looks so shinny and smooth to the untrained eye it looks like metal.
      • The secret appears to be: keep costs low, have cred and employ editors with wit and sharp eyes.
      • Aaron had fixed his eyes on my position, though I doubt he could see me in the darkness.
      • Pockets that tilt slightly inward are good, since they draw the eye toward the center.
      • Not just the desecrated bodies of the dead, but the shattered lives of those who knew and loved them are thrust into the merciless gaze of the public eye.
      • We avert our collective eyes as we pass by the gentlemen and ladies of the road and each time we do it we create ghosts to people the shadows of our world.
      • As she leafs through the yellow pages, my eyes try in vain to grab a word or two from the looped, fastidious handwriting.
      • Drivers should have their eyes on the road and be on the lookout for pedestrians and other road users and not be distracted by these signs.
      • A mix of glossy and matte leaves and angular and round flower heads will keep the eye moving.
      • Tearing my eyes away from this vision of male pulchritude, I notice yet another Gable.
      • He sees himself as a more defensive type, but he has vision and a good eye for goal.

    • 1.3(attention)

      the eyes of the world will be on her todo el mundo tendrá la vista puesta en ella
      • the company has been in the public eye a lot recently últimamente se ha hablado mucho de la compañía
      • to keep out of the public eye mantenerse alejado de la mirada del público
      • to have one's eye on sb/sth
      • she has her eye on a house in that street le ha echado el ojo a una casa de esa calle
      • I've had my eye on him for some time hace tiempo que lo vengo vigilando
      • with an eye to sth con miras a algo
      • with an eye to selling it, they had the house painted hicieron pintar la casa con miras a venderla

    • 1.4(ability to judge)

      ojo masculine
      to have an eye for design tener ojo / idea para el diseño
      • he has an eye for the girls le gustan las chicas
      • to have a good eye (in shooting) tener buena puntería
      • to have an eye for detail ser detallista
      • I share Mr Clarke's concern that the opinion of the electorate counts for nothing in the eyes of the elected.
      • In the eyes of the public, they only care for the votes and they have their own ambitions and prejudice.
      • How could I tell him all of this without losing even more standing in the eyes of my father?
      • For it is in the essence of his behaviour that he should be eccentric, unconventional and rash in the eyes of public opinion.
      • I chose to tell the story through the eyes of an impressionable outsider.
      • The problem is that today the credibility of the criminal justice system is very low in the eyes of the public.
      • German law decreed that as soon as you crossed the border you lost your nationality, but in the eyes of the British he was still a German.
      • It has therefore been relatively easy to depict the exhibition through the eyes of Cole.
      • Travellers were left feeling important in the eyes of our national carrier.
      • This drama, seen through the eyes of a child, gives the children's programme an opportunity to explore some of the emotions and issues foot and mouth has raised.
      • It needs to enjoy strong authority in the eyes of both political players and the public.
      • When I went to interview him three years ago, he was, in the eyes of the outside world, a remote and beleaguered figure.
      • The council is also fighting to improve its standing in the eyes of its official assessors.
      • I have the experience but that stands for nothing in the eyes of the law.
      • Secondly, how would a customer be viewed in the eyes of the public?
      • We can never see her except through the eyes of the white men who described her.
      • Again, political reporting becomes political reality in the eyes of the public.
      • Internal working models of the self are opinions about how one is viewed in the eyes of others.
      • The problem is what both of you stand for in the eyes of the vast majority of veterans.
      • He sees this world through the eyes of a scientist.
      • Never before have the ruling autocrats been as naked in the eyes of their publics as they are now.
      • Such attempts at manipulating the news have already backfired in the eyes of the public.
      • He seems to think that the media have reached a new low in the eyes of the public.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of needle)

      ojo masculine
      • If the eye of the needle is too small for the thread to pass through, the thread will shred.
      • Madame Turrie gabbed a needle and black thread and quickly put the thread in the needle eye.
      • Use a good thread and make sure the needle eye is large enough for the thread type.
      • Passes were threaded together and some of them would have gone through the eye of a needle.
      • A slot on one side allows the thread to slide into the eye of this general-purpose needle.
      • An army of tiny red eyes met him, none larger than the eye of a needle.
      • That's when I looked at the top point of a star and realized that a tiny hole, barely larger then the eye of a needle, had been placed in it.
      • The scarf's purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch.

    • 2.2(of hurricane, storm)

      ojo masculine

    • 2.3(in potato)

      ojo masculine
      • However, as we've just said, roots don't have buds, and that's exactly what you see sprouting on the potato, arising from the potato's eyes.
      • The eyes and even sprouting potatoes are safe to use but they may not keep well.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to eye sb up and down mirar a algn de arriba abajo
    • to eye sth suspiciously observar algo con sospecha
  • 2

    pasarle revista a informal
    relojear River Plate informal