Translation of eyeball in Spanish:


globo ocular, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʌɪbɔːl//ˈaɪˌbɔl/



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    globo ocular masculine
    • This means that the lower eyelid has fallen away from the eyeball so that the tiny hole into which the tears drain is no longer in the tear pool.
    • The eyeball sits in the eye socket (also called the orbit) in a person's skull, where it is surrounded by bone.
    • His face motionless, Altobelli reached up and uncorked his left eyeball from its socket, placing it on the table.
    • With myopia, the cornea is too curved or the eyeball too long.
    • A small incision is made in the side of your eyeball to allow for removal of your cornea's inner layer without hurting the outer layers.
    • Exophthalmos is caused by an increase in the bulk of the tissue behind the orbit (eye socket) that forces the eyeball forward.
    • Secondly, the lower eyelid has rounded and come away from the eyeball.
    • Glaucoma, which often leads to partial or total blindness, is caused by an increase of fluid pressure within the eyeball.
    • More anteriorly, the optic nerve is surrounded only by the smooth meningeal or inner layer of the dura, which blends with the sclera of the eyeball.
    • Instead it was a mixture of lips, eyelids, eyeballs, nostrils, udders, spare skin, throat, larynx and so forth.
    • In some reported instances, it forms a muscular funnel around the optic nerve and is inserted onto the back of the eyeball.
    • The retina lines the inner face of the back of the eyeball and contains light-sensitive cells that transmit images to the brain.
    • The surgeon uses a wire speculum to retract the eyelids to expose the eyeball.
    • Skin is slowly shed or rubbed away and replaced, but the lens is confined within the fixed volume of the eyeball.
    • The eyeball is moved to the side and the optic nerve sheath is exposed.
    • The orbit is a socket for the eyeball, muscles, nerves, and vessels that are necessary for proper functioning of the eye.
    • The lights began fading slowly until all that lit the darkness were bright red rings within bloodshot eyeballs.
    • The tumor in boy's left eye had displaced his eyeball from its socket and caused the boy to constantly tilt his head due to the weight of the tumor.
    • It can be due to either a too flat cornea or the eyeball being too short.
    • Four muscles pull each eyeball straight back into the eye socket, shortening the eyeball.

transitive verb


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    mirar de arriba a abajo