Translation of f in Spanish:


F, n.


Pronunciation /ɛf/


  • 1

    f feminine
  • 2

    fa masculine
    see also A
    • The key of F is found most commonly in folk-oriented music.
  • 3

    • forte
  • 4

    • feminine
  • 5

    de sexo femenino
    2nd f. to share house se busca otra chica para compartir casa
    • female
  • 6

    70°F 70°F
    • The original zero point of the Fahrenheit temperature scale was set at the lowest temperature that could be reached in a mixture of salt and ice.
    • The Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are based on two fixed points, the Kelvin and Rankine scales are based on one.
    • Likewise, we can measure temperatures on the Celsius or Fahrenheit scales.
    • However, a sunny 95-degree Fahrenheit spike can slash months of savings in a single eight-hour day.
    • Looking out through a world in reverse, he wrote in grease pencil the Fahrenheit temperatures backwards for us on the other side of the glass.
    • Fahrenheit
  • 7

    calificación que indica insuficiencia en un trabajo o examen
    • In the schools I went to, when you get that many Fs, you flunk out.
    • Moreover, not only Fs but also Ds are frowned on, and grades are regularly inflated to achieve C averages.
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    • (and the) following